Nitrado's 20th Anniversary! Reminisce and celebrate with 20% off your next purchase

Nitrado's 20th Anniversary

In a momentous milestone, the team at Nitrado celebrates our 20th Year Anniversary. For the past 20 years, we have set out with one simple goal: make multiplayer gaming better. We use better technology throughout several locations in combination with outstanding 24/7 customer service to ensure players get what they want. A milestone like 20 years is not possible without outstanding customers, amazing communities, and dedicated employees. A big thank you to those who have been with us along the way!

This is a special year, and we want to celebrate it with you! Use discount promo code "NITRADO20" to redeem 20% off on all new servers purchased through the Nitrado website. More info below!

Come with us through a brief Nitrado history of what got us here, and where we are going.

20 years in the making

While the world was focused on the likes of the Mars Odyssey landing, Harry Potter, or the latest music and fashion; Marco Balle had other plans in mind. Marco started in 2001 providing quality servers at a low cost. Later introducing Marcel Bößendörfer as the Managing Director 2003. Working together, improvements to the systems and website were made over the years to come. The initial development for the server web interface was set, and thus was born in 2005. With engines steaming, the rocket blasted off through 15 more years of excellence.

Nitrado has expanded greatly in Size, Services, and Global Locations since 2005. With now more than 100 employees and 8 locations worldwide, Nitrado has come a long way from the humble beginning. Here are some of the hard-hitting advancements that made Nitrado into what it is today:

  • 2009 - Release of the prepaid system on
  • 2012 - Release of Nitrado’s smartphone app
  • 2013 - Implementation of a new website design
  • 2015 - Opening of a data center in London, United Kingdom
  • 2015 - The NitrAPI (Nitrado Application Programming Interface) is born, which allows a huge performance boost to the Web Interface.
  • 2016 - Opening of data centers in New York, Miami, and Los Angeles, United States
  • 2016 - Opening of a new Nitrado office in Reno, USA
  • 2017 - Release of Nitrado’s Xbox / Windows 10 App
  • 2018 - Release of SteelShield™ as a DDoS mitigation solution specifically designed for game traffic
  • 2020 - Datacenter expansion in Frankfurt, Germany
  • 2021 - Nitrado employs more than 100 people


What got us here, and Where are we going?

20 years is a long road to travel for a company. Diving into the creativity and drive that got Nitrado to where it is today, however, also leaves questions for what the future of Nitrado looks like. When asked about the emotions and feelings felt during the first days of Nitrado, Managing Director Marcel Bößendörfer had this to say:

"We had fun knowing that we solved a problem. Back then, we just wanted to enable gamers to play their games either on LAN parties (yes, the physical ones) and also online. It was cool to see how gamers accepted our services and gave us constructive feedback to improve and grow the company."

Success has many contributing factors. But what were some of the contributing factors that allow Nitrado to succeed for 20 years, and beyond?

"From day one, we put our customers first and bootstrapped the product and infrastructure around it. Today and also going forward, the diversity of customers, i.e., based on region, B2B/B2C, platforms and also general demographics, has and will increase. Continuing our customers first approach, striving for being the best game server hosting company in the world and making multiplayer gaming better will be the key pillars of our success."

With the Nitrado rocket climbing to new heights, the stars in the sky are the limit. What does the future, and years to come, look like for Nitrado?

"Yellow and black (laughs). We will become even more international than we are today. Furthermore, we will increase our product offering in terms of games but also with new exciting features and products in other segments. Obviously, there are things which I cannot talk about right now but follow us going forward to see some awesome surprises coming up!"

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