OneHandFPS - CS:GO Player with a Paralyzed Hand

Jason, also known as "OneHandFPS", shows us what you can achieve with a strong will. Despite paralysis of his left hand, he doesn't give up on PC gaming!

Gamers may use many different inputs, but one thing remains constant: using both hands. There are the occasional crazy gamers who manage to use one hand while they have use of both, but this isn't typical. Some of these gamers can be found at events like AwesomeGamesDoneQuick.

The average gamer will use two hands, either with a controller or mouse and keyboard. For most, it's unfathomable to handle all of the inputs required with one hand. The streamer "OneHandFPS" proves that this is possible afterall.

The Case

Jason was a normal gamer like most of us. Destiny had other plans for him, though. What started as a normal motocross ride ended in tragedy. Jason lost control and crashed into a wall. With injuries all over his body and a twisted hand, he was rushed to the hospital.

While he only spent 9 days in the hospital, the sensation in his left hand never returned. After an examination, he was given some news that anyone, not just gamers, would have trouble coming to terms with. The hand was paralyzed with no chance of recovery...

A "normal" man would be shocked and likely unable to properly digest this information at first, but Jason's first thoughts were about if he could ever game again.

Where there's a will, there's a way

According to the proverb, Jason never gave up. Instead of letting the injury control his life, Jason strove to figure out how he could enjoy gaming once more. An idea had came to him, which in the end turned out to be quite emotional. He decided to adopt the moniker "OneHandFPS" and open a Twitch Channel with the same name.

Using a special gaming mouse, the Razer Naga, he managed to relocate all the essential controls to the mouse. He worked his way through the games, starting with Diablo 3, which can be easily played with one hand as it is a point and click movement scheme. When the Overwatch Beta was released, Jason's mind went to work on how to play.

While the core gameplay remains unchanged, there is still one vital aspect that must be overcome: movement. As with any FPS, kills are only one factor. Movement is key to most of these games, and this typically requires your left hand on PC. When he started off, there was minimal movement. This meant Jason would post up, and take out any enemies who ventured too close. His precision aim was unaltered.

The Climb

In time, he was able to recover his skills. Although his movements could not be as precise as they once were, he could pick up the slack by aiming even better than before. Despite the circumstances, Jason had accepted he could never be as good as he once was, but this didn't stop him from striving to reach that level. The level he has reached in CS:GO shouldn't be laughed at, as he is currently sitting at Gold Nova III.

"OneHandFPS" in H1Z1 King of the Hill is one of the largest successes. We can watch Jason finish a round as the sole survivor on his team, finishing off with an epic duel in an open field. His precise aiming from CS:GO provided him with an advantage. Jason is particularly proud of this success, which can be seen after eliminating his final enemy.

The Message

With his channel and videos, Jason wants to not only make life easier for himself but also encourage others with disabilities. No matter how bad of shape we are in, if we really want something, we can find a way to get it. On top of all of this, Jason extends his gratitude regularly to the support his community has provided.

We wish you all the best and hope that Jason remains as resilient as ever for the future!

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Source: PCGamer

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