Outlaws of the Old West - Now Available on Steam! Launch Details, Private Servers, and More

Outlaws of the Old West! Private Servers Now Available

Howdy yall! Outlaws of the Old West has been added to the Nitrado Game Cloud! Conquer the desert, fight your way through the swamps or climb the mountains of this vast, yet undiscovered world. Its time to write your own story. Launching into Early Access on Steam priced at $19.99, discounted to $14.99 until March 19th!

Pick up your private server with Nitrado and explore the old west today!

Survive a harsh world and thriving environment! Outlaws of the Old West, Best Played on Your Own Nitrado Game Server!

Rent your own Outlaws Server with Nitrado today!!

About the Game

Where rough men are used to rough ways, try to survive in this epic Western Survival MMO. Offering thousands of items and a modular building system. Travel with your caravan, establish a homestead, battle villainous bandits and much more!

Here are some main features and gameplay shots to look forward to:

  • Environment & Wildlife
  • Temperature & Climates
  • Time of Day
  • Survival
  • Tools & Weapons
  • Base Building
  • Hunting & Fishing
  • Exploration of Mines
  • Taming Horses
  • Wagons & Caravans

Pick up Outlaws of the Old West on Steam Early Access Today!

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Mar 12 2019, 06:55 pm
Zachary Smith
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549 Days
I hired a server to try it out with a friend before inviting rest of old gaming buddies to it. Thus far I could'nt log onto it the first week. After I was allowed for a few days to get on it, and now I haven't been able to log onto it for several days again. I tried server restart etc, but nothing worked. I am not sure if it is the game or the server being responsible for this, but I am certainly not inviting more friends over, or extend the contract when this is not being fixed. Can someone help me with th
617 Days
you have to use direct connect by changing the launch options, but if the server is anything like mine it will crash with a connection lost to the server error anyway, I would give up
617 Days
I cannot connect my server to Steam. This website does not give clear instruction on how to do this. I may want my money back if I cannot connect to Steam with my paid server.
618 Days
same as cofal, servers dont appear to work
618 Days
Well, their servers seem to have issues working with this game, They also say you will get help in 24 hours, im on my third day and well i havent heared anything from them.