Outpost Zero - Private servers Now Available

Outpost Zero - Build, Colonize, Survive! Private servers Now Available

Greetings fellow overseers! The wait is over and you can now jump right into the epic world of Gaiya on your very own server! Outpost Zero entered Early Access last month and has progressed to improve each week. The Official Servers will be hosted with continued support from Nitrado. Starting today, you are able to rent your own game server for Outpost Zero.

Explore the world of Gaiya! Best played on your own Nitrado.net Game Server!

Get your own Outpost Zero game server today!!

What is Outpost Zero?

From the developers over at Symmetric Games comes 'Outpost Zero'. An epic new game with scaling combat, unique RPG elements, and FPS survival aspects. Establish a foothold in this mysterious world and make your own colony. Let's take a look at the Welcome Trailer and some Gameplay Details:

Gameplay Features:

  • Sci-fi First Person Shooter
  • Base building mechanics
  • Elements of survival
  • Construct habitats to sustain human Life
  • Scaling combat
  • PVP
  • Create and control AI colonists
  • A deep RPG system
  • Form corporations - Invite or battle friends
  • Setup mining outposts, harvest resources
  • Harsh Environments

Be sure to leave your feedback and discuss the game over on the Steam Community Discussions! Your feedback is important for developing and improving the game.

What do you think about the game? Let us know in the comments below!

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Aug 3 2018, 08:51 pm
Zachary Smith
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