Pantropy: Open World Mech Survival on the Rise, Smashes Kickstarter Pledge Goal

Pantropy - An Open World Mech Survival - Building, Crafting, and More in this Exciting Upcoming Game

Following a greenlight approval in 2017, The development team behind Pantropy continues on with some outstanding support from the community. Recently with a pledge goal of €20,000 on Kickstarter, 'Brain Stone' GmbH has been backed by more than two thousand backers totaling €74,679. Check out the latest update to Kickstarter for information on the finalizing of the campaign: Update #10 - The Finish Line

While an official release date is yet to be announced, you can still find and follow the Steam Store for Pantropy. The game is speculated to come to Steam Early Access in late 2017, and Full Release will be anticipated in 2018. Private and Hosted Servers for Pantropy are intended to initially hold up to 64 players simultaneously on a 64km² map. For News, Details, and progress of development, see the 'Devblog' section of the official website. The Devblog, as well as the helpful links below, will help you stay up to date.

What is Pantropy?

'Brain Stone' GmbH, founded by Sebastian Kaulitzki in cooperation with Julian Kaulitzki, brings a sci-fi multiplayer shooter with mechs and the main focus on building and crafting. Pantropy is a sci-fi faction based MMORPG that focuses on survival in a harsh environment. Within your group, you can explore, solve quests or engage in PvP to contest the world. While the game is still in its early development stage, it is looking very promising so far. Let's take a look at Pantropy and meet the developers:

Some important features of the game to look forward to:

  • In-depth crafting system
  • Faction based gameplay
  • Farming automation
  • Complex base building
  • Anti offline-raid system
  • PVE and PVP
  • Personal modular mechs
  • Global events
  • Battle-based gameplay
  • XP systems and rewards
  • Zero pay-to-play or pay-to-win mechanics
  • Multiple biomes
  • Multi-crew vehicles
  • Faction quest system

Gameplay Inside the Open World of Pantropy

Pantropy transports players to an alien world rich with natural resources and dangerous lifeforms. Skilled-based FPS gameplay means that you’ll need to react quickly to enemy attacks. Get ahead with advanced building mechanics and a sophisticated resource collection system but remember this: only the strongest will survive.

A first look at the game will spark the vision that Pantropy entails. Sit down with the developers and check out the latest live stream for a look at the gameplay inside pantropy. Fly around, blow stuff up, and get to see the world, experience some vehicles, and some of the building mechanics to come as well:

Curious about the game and want to see more? Catch the Pantropy developers live! They try to stream every Friday at 6PM UTC:

Pantropy on Twitch

Kickstarter Updates and Milestones:

Gameplay Galley and Artwork

Check out some fantastic screenshots to give you an inside look at the exciting open world to come. You can see more on the Concept Art Page on the official Pantropy website.

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Pantropy on Twitch

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