PixARK Released! Official Hosting, Private Servers Details

PixARK Early Access and Game Preview! Official Hosting and Private Servers!

Greetings Fellow PixARK Fans! Building off the Legacy that is ARK: Survival Evolved, Snail Games chose to partner with audiences who value the early access process. Nitrado will be the Official hosting provider for the voxel-based adventure sim. You can now explore and travel between worlds to uncover the mysteries that surround them.

A vast, wild world filled with vicious dinosaurs, magical creatures, and endless adventures! PixARK is now available on Steam and the Xbox Game Preview!


Rentable Private Servers

As confirmed by the developers in many cases, Private servers will be available. Who better to host with than your favorite ARK provider? Nitrado has proudly hosted the official servers for ARK: Survival Evolved, and Dark and Light. We now extend our expertise and will do the same for PixARK. You will be able to enjoy perillous and bountiful adventures on your very own Nitrado Gameserver.

Nitrado is the leading provider in the area of game servers and application hosting. We have tried and tested Snail Game's titles with our system to ensure a solid performance. When Private Servers become available Nitrado will be offering them at first notice!

(Waiting around for the release, The Dodo, Zombie, and Raptor, So patient!)

About the Game

PixArk looks like a hybrid of ARK: Survival Evolved and the block-building adventure Minecraft. The game has a multiplayer mode in addition to the singleplayer. Your player can be found on an island - surrounded by vastly different dinosaurs and untouched nature. You will need to secure your survival in this pixelated world by collecting food and raw materials, which can then be further processed. These resources are distributed over the entire map, which is randomly generated and consists of eight different biomes.

Will you be playing PixARK when it enters early access? Do you already enjoy a Nitrado Server?

Tell us in the comments below!

Mar 27 2018, 12:20 am
Zachary Smith
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268 Days
Is this server for PC only or xbox as well?
364 Days
Am I missing something? Are there servers available yet?
364 Days
any eta on being able to rent pixark servers?
364 Days
i have rented a couple of servers for a looong time now. recently been taken over by our community leaders private server, but thats too unstable. which is why i want to go back to hosting from your reliable servers. im gonna rent a pixark server, as soon as that will be possible. im well amazed by the reliability and console we got offered in ark. and pixark, im sure, will be alike.
364 Days
Any idea how long until Private servers will be available?

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