PixArk: Early Access is approaching

In a week PixArk goes into the Early Access by End of March

Dear ARK and Minecraft friends, there is a great reason to celebrate! Snail Games has set the early access release for PixArk to March 27th. The game will be available both for the PC via Steam, as well as via Xbox Games Preview for the Xbox. The final release of PixArk will also be available on PlayStation 4 and the Nintendo Switch. Here is a look at the official trailer:


What is PixArk?

 PixArk looks like a hybrid of ARK: Survival Evolved and the block-building adventure Minecraft. The game has a multiplayer mode in addition to the singleplayer. Your player can be found on an island - surrounded by vastly different dinosaurs and untouched nature. You will need to secure your survival in this pixelated world by collecting food and raw materials, which can then be further processed. These resources are distributed over the entire map, which is randomly generated and consists of eight different biomes.

Towering fortresses can be built. In the beginning, they look like little blocks, but they can become a masterpiece. The game will have extensive character creation tools, and a character progression systems with skill trees and customizable stats. We will see PixARK offering many features like over 100 creatures to tame, train and ride. A voxel block building system. Procedurally generated maps and quests, and much more.

Coming March 27th

Check out PixARK on Steam Early Access!


Mar 20 2018, 07:24 pm
Zachary Smith
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