PixARK - Version 1.16 Brings New Creatures! A First Look Right Here

PixARK - Cave Hyena and the Thorny Lizard: Additions, Adjustments, and Fixes with Update Version 1.16

Greetings Fellow Explorers! Version 1.16 brings some new creatures and adjustments to help enhance gameplay. Including some adjustments to increase drop rate for high-tier items and decrease drop rate for low-tier items when looting a level 80 drop. This should help balance the loot gained when exploring. Furthermore, included with this update is the exciting addition of two new creatures!

The Thorny Lizard and Cave Hyena have made their way to the desert biomes of PixARK. Both hostile and ferocious in nature, they will offer a challenging fight and tame. We have left a list of all the adjustments and fixes made with this update below. Get a first look at the new creatures and stay up to date!

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Thorny Lizard

The 'Thorny Lizard' joins the desert creature group. When tamed it has the ability to transform rocks into ore. Hostile creature with powerful attacks.

Cave Hyena

Along with the Thorny Lizard the new 'Cave Hyena' is added to desert creature group as well. Fighting one may be hard, but a group of them will pose a deadly situation. These ferocious creatures have the ability to render fractures and apply bleeding on targets during combat.

A full list of the Additions, Adjustments, and Fixes made with this update:

New Additions

  • Added new creature, Thorny Lizard, to desert creature group; It has the ability to transform rocks into ore.
  • Added new creature Cave Hyena to Desert creature group; It has the ability to render fracture and bleeding on targets during combat.
  • Added Thorny Lizard and Cave Hyena model information to Sky Museum.
  • Added 26 additional Steam Achievements for players to unlock.
  • Added Polish localization.


  • Increase drop rate for high-tier items and decrease drop rate for low-tier items from level 80 beacon drops.
  • Megarock Dragon's resistance to turret damage is reduced from 80% to 50%
  • Increase hp for Iron Spike Wall and Iron Spike, and the damage they cause.
  • Shadow Leopard's melee attack will no longer deal damage to Iron, Copper, Steel, Marble, or ]Magic Academy structures.


  • Player's POV will no longer see through the terrain after characters die
  • Server reset will no longer cause player’s bodies to disappear.
  • Creatures in the taming process will return to wild state after server reboots.
  • Optimize the vfx for Trapa's attack
  • Fixed font issue with Traditional Chinese localization and Portugee localization.
  • Fixed the correct item name for Iron Spike.
  • Fungus Beast Saddle recipe will no longer be included in item drops.


May 24 2018, 09:02 pm
Zachary Smith
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