Rend 2.1 - Balance changes, Fixes, and More

Rend - Patch Notes for Version 2.1

Greetings Warriors! A nice amount of changes and balancing came with the latest version update 2.1. As with many Early Access games on Steam, the fixes and changes come from player feedback! Be sure to leave your feedback on the Steam Community Discussions or the Official Forums. We have left a full list of the Rend 2.1 Patch Notes below.

These are some of the main features to look forward to with this patch:

  • Balance changes to harvesting, weapons, ammo, and skills
  • Redesign of Shadowstep (Assassin)
  • Outcast system clarification
  • Talent and skill point respec!


Here is a full list of the changelog from patch 2.1! If your curious about the status of traps in the world, check out the 'Trap Report' blog. General changes, bug fixes, and Balancing changes below:



  • All Talent and Skill Perk points have been reset. You may respend your earned Talents (hotkey: N) and Skill Perks (hotkey: K).
  • Added a confirmation dialog when outcasting a player: "Are you sure you wish to outcast PLAYERNAME?".
    • Also added a notice to the confirmation dialog. "Abuse of the outcast system is a bannable offense. The outcast system is for players who are actively and intentionally damaging the faction. Being a new or inexperienced player does not constitute damaging the faction."
    • If you suspect abuse of the outcast system, please contact our Support Team.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug which caused mounting a pet to remove debuffs.
  • Damage increase from Halcyon Sniper now only applies to Bows as intended.
  • Impact visual effect on characters now properly displays blood.
  • Cragrock Blaster no longer breaks extremely quickly.
  • Elixir of the Shrouded Lands now buffs damage to the intended amount.
  • Player corpses no longer count as faction containers.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing some weapon affixes to grant excessive critical damage.

Balance Changes

  • Increased effectiveness of armor in PvP.
  • Increased effectiveness of early weapons in PvP.
  • Harvesting
    • Significantly decreased amount of harvest damage increase given per skill rank.
    • Reduced material cost of Crumblestone Sledge recipe.
    • Increased swing speeds of siege sledge hammers by 25%.
    • Practiced Skinner: Decreased movement speed buff from 5% to 2%.
  • Crossbows
    • Increased early damage of crossbows slightly.
    • Crossbows now take considerably longer to break.
    • Increased aim-down-sight (ADS) zoom for easier long distance aiming.
    • Greatly increased stationary and running hip fire accuracy.
    • Greatly increased stationary and running aim-down-sight (ADS) accuracy.
    • Rapid Fire (Crossbow): Reduced damage per shot by 15%.
  • Repeaters
    • Repeaters now take longer to break.
    • Added small aim-down-sight (ADS) zoom on Repeaters to give visual feedback for aiming.
  • Shard Blasters
    • Greatly increased Shard Blaster PvP effectiveness.
  • Ammo
    • Arrows
      • Reduced Stone Arrow damage from 8 to 5.
      • Reduced Sharp Stone Arrow damage from 10 to 7.
      • Reduced Thornwood Arrow damage from 12 to 9.
      • Reduced Crystal Arrow damage from 20 to 12.
      • Reduced Sharp Crystal Arrow damage from 25 to 15.
      • Reduced Runeoak Arrow damage from 50 to 25.
    • Bolts
      • Reduced Roughwood Bolt damage from 3 to 2.
      • Reduced Crude Stone Bolt damage from 6 to 4.
      • Reduced Bronze Bolt damage from 12 to 7.
      • Reduced Iron Bolt damage from 16 to 10.
      • Reduced Crystal Bolt damage from 20 to 12.
      • Reduced Skyfall Bolt damage from 22 to 18.
      • Reduced Sharp Crystal Bolt damage from 25 to 15.
      • Reduced Divinite Bolt damage from 40 to 28.
    • Darts
      • Reduced Crystal Dart damage from 14 to 6.
      • Reduced Razor Crystal Dart damage from 14 to 7.
  • Armor
    • Mirewalker: Reduced HP from 25 to 18 per piece.
    • Swampstalker: Reduced HP from 35 to 20 per piece.
    • Darkhide Leather: Increased HP from 12 to 20 per piece.
  • Consumables
    • Elixir of Recovery: Significantly reduced regeneration amount (was too powerful in PvP).
    • Elixir of Warmth: Now properly adds 40 cold resistance.
    • Greater Draughts: Now properly lasts for 20 seconds.
    • Greater Elixirs: Now properly lasts for 30 minutes.
    • Berserker Draught: Bonus physical damage reduced to 30%.
    • Thundergod’s Draught: Bonus lightning damage reduced to 30%.
    • Elixir of Agility: Decreased move speed buff from 10% to 5%.
    • Greater Elixir of Agility: Decreased move speed buff from 20% to 10%.
  • Archetypes
    • Razing Shot (Warlord): Reduced damage conversion to fire damage from 15% to 7% per rank.
    • Master of Poisons (Assassin): Reduced poison conversion from 20% to 10%.
    • Shadowstep (Assassin) no longer teleports the caster. It now grants superior stealth with 100% increased movement speed for 2.5 seconds.
  • Temporary Changes
    • Looting a friendly corpse no longer costs 500 faction reputation. This cost will be implemented again when we introduce the consent option on the respawn screen in an upcoming patch.


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Zachary Smith
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