ROKH - Legal Troubles and Milestones

ROKH - Legal Troubles and Milestones: An update on the development status


The road has been "rokh'y" for the beginning of the game. Avast, the developers have not given up. Facing legal disputes and technical difficulties it has not been the most pleasant time for the team at Darewise Entertainment. Turns out, that the project they had access to was not complete. A legal battle was needed with the former development partner to get the latest version of the project source code as well as the Engine, assets, and documentation of the project. Here is a word from the development team themselves:

As you can imagine, it was not a pleasant time and it put us very much behind in our schedule to get back to you, the community, with a first testable new version.
It’s been 2 weeks now since we received everything. This has allowed one of the teams involved in this new phase of the development, Red Kite Games, to thoroughly analyze the project. Red Kite Games, former RockStar North developers, was able to collect some info on the game. They will be starting the first milestone by refactoring the project to have it in a more stable state for development and fixing, as well as starting to fix some network issues. They are working on the code from the build 909, which is an internal build including the new UI/crafting path. We expect the Red Kite team to work on this milestone until the end of November and we will do our best to share with any progress and testable builds.

Then a second milestone will start to dig deeper into the gameplay bugs and optimization. After that, and depending on how the development went, we will work with them to define the next milestone (that might include some nice surprises for you guys).


The community seems to have taken the news very well. They respond with outstanding support for the developers of the game. Here are a couple comments from the steam discussion:

Sorry to hear all the troubles. Think this game has a great future as long as you keep chipping at it. Thank you for the update! Looking forward to the future of ROKH. -Cofresi

I'm also sorry to hear about your legal dispute. That explains why it took so long.
So let's hope, that things will now move a bit faster and that we will see some new stunning developments on this game soon :D -Nisota

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Oct 25 2017, 09:58 pm
Zachary Smith
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