RUNE II - Private Servers Now Available! The battle for Midgard is here

RUNE II - Become Midgard’s Savior! Ragnarok Must End

RISE WARRIOR! Ragnarok, the end of days, is upon you. Welcome to the world of Midgard, your help is needed. Immersed in darkness and chaos, Midgard lies captive in the cruel grasp of Loki. Pillage your way through Midgard to become the God-Slayer.

RUNE II has been added to the Nitrado game cloud and is now available for rental! Join the battle for human survival and fight your way to glory. More about the game and how to order your server below!

The fate of Midgard rests in your hands! Rune II - best played on your own Nitrado Game server!


Rent Your Own RUNE II Server with Nitrado Today!

About the game

Time is against you. Save yourself and all of mankind from the Norse apocalypse.

It was foretold that during Ragnarok, the gods would fall and the nine realms would be consumed by frost and fire… but it is not what happened. The gods did not perish. Instead, for seven terrible years, giants, beasts, and the undead have ravaged the realms while the gods inexplicably withheld their protection. Immersed in darkness and chaos, mankind’s own world of Midgard lies captive in the cruel grasp of maniacal Loki.

You reside in the world of Midgard as a hardened Viking warrior. The Norse apocalypse is upon you. Pillage villages for powerful weapons and armor, complete quests for their deity and receive blessings of strength and magic. Team up with Viking allies to gain the benefits of strength in numbers. RUNE II players will align with their chosen god as they band together to defeat Loki.

Main Features:

  • Explore Vast and Dangerous Lands
  • Go Alone or Team Up With Friends
  • Choose Your God
  • The End of Days - Time is against you
  • Collect Powerful Equipment
  • Harness Rune Powers
  • Prove Yourself in a world of darkness and chaos


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Zachary Smith
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