Rust - October Update

Don't miss the October Update and its additions!

Greetings! Don't miss out on the new mission system, quality of life improvements, new vehicle module, and many more additions that this new update brings us.

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This is the first iteration of a mission system introduced to Rust.

Now, you're able to speak to various NPCs found around the world and receive a list of objectives you must complete in exchange for a reward.

The system's expansion is due in the coming months to include PvP missions and eventually even bounty hunting.

Camper Module

This new vehicle is a two-slot module that includes four seats that function as spawn points, overhead lockers, a bbq, and a small box worth of storage.

To mark a seat in the camper van as a respawn point, sit in it, look down and use 'Make Bed' to claim it. You will then be able to respawn directly into that seat regardless of its location, even while the car is moving!

You will find the locker above the seats, the barbecue to your side, and the small storage box underneath the barbecue. To craft the module, you'll need a T2 workbench, 175 Metal Frags, and 125 Wood. Happy camping!

General QoL

Sign Painting

Now, you can pick up signs and redeploy them without losing the painted content. Signs, picture frames, and neon signs can be now picked up with the hammer, inspected in your inventory, traded to others, and redeployed as you like.

Improvements have been added to the painting interface, one of them, the ability to voice chat while painting.

Auto Turrets

Your requests are heard: Now, you can authorize friends to use your auto-turrets, and you'll be automatically authorized when placing the auto-turret.

Door Opening While Wounded

From now on, do not stop holding down the interact key when opening doors while wounded - and watch out for door campers!

Admin UI

There's a new admin UI accessible in the F1 menu for admins to modify and administrate their server in an easy-to-use way.

This won't replace the RCON or the console. But it will help new admins to manage the simple elements of their server.

Click here for the full list of improvements & fixes!

Halloween Update

Don't miss the new spooky features scheduled to be released with the Halloween Update on October 28th at 19:00 BST / 14:00 EST! 🎃

Enjoy Rust! Best played on your very own Game Server!

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