Rust - Swamps and Bandits

Rust - Swamps and Bandits! The Bandit Town Update is here

Greetings fellow survivors! Bandits have made camp inside of the new swamps. You can trade, bet in their casino, or even take them on with the new Compound Bow. Bandit Town is finally here! We have some details for you below, let's get into the update.

Bandit Town

While adventuring across the island you will find a foggy swamp with wooden shacks and populated by bandits. The area contains several huts with merchant NPCs selling their wares, heavily armed bandit NPCs, and a dredge that contains a casino. The area has gone through a lot of stages and work to achieve a high level of polish. As you explore the fog and muck you will find that it is filled with small props and details.

Bandit Shops and Casino

The Bandit Town has been populated with a series of new shops. The addition of these shops should change up the game a bit. Take to the black market and buy uncraftable weapons.  You can also sell certain items to gain 'scrap'.  You can gamble Scrap you gain inside the Bandit Town as well! Be sure to visit the shop in-game to see everything else they have to offer!

Gambling is pretty simple: inside the dredge at the new town, head up to the second floor. There you will find a guarded safe zone room where players can gamble. have a seat and use a terminal to place a bet. Every 45 seconds the wheel spins. Should the wheel stop on your number, you will get your original bet back plus whatever the multiplier was.

  • You can bet on 1, 3, 5, 10 or 20.

If the game turns out and the community likes it, the developers plan to add more small PvP games, like Poker.

Swamp Biomes

As far as adding new biomes to the game, the developers meet technical difficulties. However, using the same method they used for the ice lakes, a mini swamp biome will appear. Some of which allow building inside the swamp. The swamps will have a very large tree in the center (that isn’t harvestable). You will be able to find extra wood spawns in the form of dead logs, and extra sulfur pick-ups with the occasional node.


A full list of the improvements and additions made with the recent update to Rust:

  • Added swamps mini biomes
  • Moved parts of the procedural generation to native code
  • Added Humanoid Shopkeepers to bandit town
  • Added Compound Bow
  • Added Bandit Town Casino
  • Added Farming tooltip with plant info
  • Added RHIB spawns
  • Team member names appear overtop of dots on map
  • Updated underwater vegetation visuals
  • Updated death match loot tables (Savas KOTH)
  • Added puzzles to Hapis Island
  • Made it so team indicators do not show through walls
  • Reduced cost of Revolver and DBS at compound
  • Fixed see through gap between single sheet metal door and doorways
  • Fixed food crates spawning on top of each others at MT
  • Fixed instances where the LS APC would get stuck against decor
  • Fixed missing ladder at LS pool side
  • Fixed too large colliders at powerlines concrete base
  • Fixed an out of bound exploit at MT
  • Fixed ambience memory leak + pooling error
  • Fixed demo playback errors
  • Fixed workshop skin icon upload
  • Fixed puzzles not being indestructible
  • Wire barricades no longer damage players through floors
  • Wire barricades slightly easier to place on rough terrain
  • Compound awning performance fix
  • Xmas gift box no longer marks player hostile
  • Oil barrel no longer marks player hostile
  • Fixed Fridge players getting pushed inside fridge
  • Fixed NPC vending machines appearing as Out of Stock
  • Fixed jackhammer holster position
  • Fixed AllowedContents breaking on server restart
  • Fixed streamer mode not hiding teammate names


Aug 5 2018, 02:01 am
Zachary Smith
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