Rust - Teams System,Watchtowers, Jack Hammers and more

Rust - The Team Update is Here

Greetings! This week in Rust we see the addition of a Watchtower, a Jackhammer, and the new Team UI overhaul. We have left some details on the features added below!

Teams will have a max default size of 8 players. They will provide an effective way for players to team up without the use of third-party software. For full details on how to make teams, kick people, and more, check out The Team Update dev blog.


The watchtower you've seen at various monuments around the map is now a deployable object. It will cost you only 75 scraps to research them. The watchtowers can be crafted for 2000 wood. The blueprints will be pretty common. You will be able to find them in square tier 1 crates.


Alongside watchtowers, the Pneumatic Jackhammer is added to the game this month. The Jackhammer will turn out to be an important tool for resource gathering. You can expect it to have the ability to absolutely destroy ore nodes, and humans if you get close enough.

The jackhammers cannot be crafted, and can't be repaired. You will be able to find it in tool crates and it is available for sale at the compound.


A full list of the additions and changes:

  • Added Team System
  • Added Compass
  • Added Hapis old rock cave prefab for modders working to restore old procgen maps
  • Added Watchtower
  • Added Jackhammer
  • Faster Ambient Occlusion effect
  • New visuals for puzzle elements
  • Small wooden sign can be placed on shelves
  • Can place storage boxes under research table
  • Updated Stone world model
  • Disabled forceSingleInstance (multiple servers on one box)
  • Small refinery can no longer be fully submerge underwater
  • Improved water foam
  • Fixed exploit which allowed passing loot through walls using research table
  • Fixed exploit which allowed passing loot through walls using BBQ
  • Fixed guntrap, spinner, tunalight being destroyed after upgrading / rotating wall
  • Fixed a method which allowed players to use vending machine as door (kinda)
  • Fixed tunnel brightness exploit
  • Fixed workshop skin normal maps
  • Fixed some small server memory leaks
  • Downloadable Skin lighting


Jul 9 2018, 05:08 am
Zachary Smith
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