Sky Noon - Content Creator Play Session, Live Developer Talk and More

Sky Noon - Content Creator Play Session Details

Howdy Yall! As some of you know, the fast-paced FPS, Sky Noon, hit Early Access earlier this month! Offering a unique style of gameplay, it has drawn the interest of players and content creators alike. Nitrado has proudly put together an event to showcase the mayhem that Sky Noon is all about. The event will feature various content creators facing off in a battle against each other.

What is it about?

Join us for a rootin tootin time with some of your favorite content creators! Sky Noon Developer Alex from Lunar Rooster will be hosting the event alongside Steamer and Nitrado partner Kintinue You can expect a one on one talk about game features, new maps, weapons, game modes and more!

Here are the Date and times:

  • Date:Wednesday June, 27th 2018
  • Time: 5PM EST (2PM PST - 10PM BST - 11PM CEST)

Follow the Official Nitrado Twitch page for updates on when the event is live!

 In case you missed the stream, catch the video right here!
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Sky Noon is a breath of fresh air to the FPS genre. A unique fast-paced gameplay with air powered weapons brings you to the edge of your seat. On a map suspended in the clouds, knock off the opposing players while you try to stay aloft yourself. Collect gadgets from around the map like jetpacks and jump pads to get around quickly. When in a sticky situation, avoid falling with your trusty grappling hook. Learn more about the game and its features here:

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