Sky Noon - Quick Join and Reticle Customization's

The Quick Join for Game Modes and Reticle Customization options are here for Sky Noon

Howdy Yall! Another update comes to Sky Noon this week including a slew of fixes as well as some important additions! The fabled reticle customization options have made their way into this update along with the option to quick join matches! Let's get started:

Quick Join

The quick join feature makes its way with this recent update. This feature will automatically find the best server for you. Making it easier to find a place to play based on ping and player counts. The idea is for players to be able to jump into games quickly, allowing more play time. Get playing easily, and immediately.

Reticle Customization

The new option will allow you to change the Size, Shape, Rotation, Colour, and Opacity. This should allow you to create your ideal reticle, or something fancy, all up to you! The only limitation is that the grapple indicator part of the reticle is not yet customizable. You will be able to access the Reticle Customization from the main menu. Select Settings then Game and find the reticle settings menu. This is where you will make the reticle of your dreams:

A full list of the changes and fixes:


  • Quick Join
    • Quick Join will put you in the best server based on ping and player counts. The priority is to put people into games with other players as easy as possible. It is important to note that this is not Matchmaking, but that will be coming!
  • Added a pop-up to Host Game that gives players control over the Name, Privacy and Player Count of the server they are about to host.
  • The mouse wheel can now be used to zoom in and out while spectating a player.

Bug Fixes

  • Friends Only privacy setting now allows friends to join via the Friends List correctly.


  • The grapple hook projectile now fires towards the centre of the screen (previously it fired directly forward, slightly offset from the reticle). This should make the grapple more reliably hit very thin objects and the edges of walls.
  • The top three players in FFA are now rewarded with win stats and xp.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where the time trial reset key would not rebind properly.
  • The shotgun now will not hit objects/players through level geometry.

HUD / User Interface

  • Reticle Customisation
    • Players can now customise their aim reticle!
    • Settings can be found in Settings > Game to change a slew of new reticle settings.


Jul 11 2018, 03:59 am
Zachary Smith
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