Space Engineers - One small step for Beta

Minor fixes rolled out in preparation for the next major update! General improvement and small fixes!

The minor update this week is continuing the current run of general improvements as the release nears of the next major update. The wait for new features and major updates can be tedious, however, it’s crucial that as many bugs as possible are fixed before going live with changes to the code as significant as the ones in the upcoming major update are.


Here is a video with Xocliw explaining the next minor update:

Here are some highlighted fixes on this minor patch:

  • fixed FPS drain on highlighted objects
  • removed emissivity on corner light and interior lights when turned off
  • fixed issue with being forwarded to the wrong block when using control panel
  • fixed issue with choppy animation for turrets
  • fixed issue with turrets that are targeting enemy objects even though they are already destroyed
  • fixed issue with turrets that are shooting their own subgrids (for example: wheels)

Full change log is found here: Keen Software forums


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Jul 10 2017, 03:25 am
Zachary Smith
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