Space Engineers - Update 1.184.6 - Halloween and Skin Crafting!

Just in time for Halloween! Skin crafting and the limited edition "Ghost Skin!"


Greetings Fellow Engineers, Just in time for Halloween we get a new ghost skin as well as some bug fixes and the new addition of the Skin Recycler.

With the Skin Recycler it will recycle your unwanted or duplicate skins and upgrade them to a new Badger skin. You can recycle tokens for your old skin pieces, which you can trade in for new items of your choice. All of this can be done in the character customization screen.
skins and crafting

In this update, you will also be able to get a spooky new Halloween themed skin set for your Engineer. This will be available for a limited amount of time. The “Ghost” skin will be available throughout the next week on the Steam Marketplace until the next update drops. If you're interested in the Ghost skin then check the link below and the video to get a look!

  • Ghost skin:



Here is a list of the bugs and changes in the last update:
What is new
- added Halloween skin
- added recycle and craft feature

- reworked thruster damage
- Now all blocks in thruster range are damaged at the same time.
- Thruster damage area is no longer cylinder but it is rectangular (faster computation, slightly larger volume of effect).

Important fixes
- optimized performance issues related to particles
- fixed sim speed drop when cargo ship spawns
- fixed inventory desync (wrong values) when reconnecting during converting Ore into Ingot

Other fixes
- fixed issue with friendly and faction players are flagged as enemies
- fixed components requirements for half block in Survival
- fixed LODs for half blocks
- fixed issue with projector not working properly with merge block
- fixed modded LG not working when welded
- fixed issue with modded turrets not stopping to fire
- fixed collisions of modded advanced doors
- fixed custom animations for cockpits
- fixed tree reappearing after reload
- fixed thruster damage not working on DS
- fixed jump drive issue that it was able to jump farther than indicated
- removed delay of camera from forced first person view


Full list of bugs and fixes

Oct 26 2017, 09:56 pm
Zachary Smith
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