Stationeers - New Flowers, Pressure Plates, Explosion Mechanics

Stationeers - New Flowers, Pressure Plates, Explosion Mechanics and so much more

Greeting! The developers have taken the past week to slow down on the content releases and do some house-keeping. There is work with optimization and hardening being done in various parts of the game. We can expect this trend to continue into the following weeks. The majority of the development team will be away and attending the national game developers conference. So the core team left on the floor will be pushing our these optimizations.

Let's check out some of the changes this version:

Flowers and Colors

With the intention of providing base reagents to the game, and provide paint colors, you can now grow a range of colorful flowers. You will need to harvest the flowers then process them in the reagent grinder to make dye.

Pressure Plates

The developers have implemented a trigger plate that can be used to activate logic whenever an object is on top of it. You can use it to activate doors or to provide power to a certain unit and more. As you can see power is applied as the kit lands on the switch:

Explosion Mechanics

To start off: There was nothing changed to make things more likely to explode. However, when explosions do happen, the damage will be properly applied to everything around them.

If you are a player and get hit, be careful! You will receive impact damage and also a little bit of stun damage. There is also the possibility you may be knocked unconscious.


For more, check out the Consolidated Patch Notes v0.1.1567.7381 post on steam. Here is a full list of the changes and fixes in the recent update and hotfix:

Hotfix Version 0.1.1567.7381
  • Fixed not being able to climb on ladders if they were placed below 0 on the Y axis.
  • Fixed a bug where if you clear a item blueprint aligned to a mothership then bring another blueprint up without moving the new one won't be aligned to the mothership axes but otherwise acts as though it is.
  • Fixed Autorotate not finding all options on Mothership Grid
  • Fixed Autorotate not adjusting rotations for Mothership Grid
  • Fixed Holding or tapping the autorotate key while moving between world grid and mothership grid would sometimes cause the placement to not align with the grid
  • Updated Localization entries for French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Suomi and Spanish.
  • Changed ratio of Carbon obtained from putting Coal into the Reagent Grinder from 5:1 to 1:10.
  • Fixed NullReferenceException on jetpacks not belonging to players, or players not wearing jetpacks.
Version 0.1.1564.7373
  • Added First pass on new exploding mechanics. Explosions now apply brute and stun damage.
  • Added player will automatically take off when turn jetpack on
  • Added Mission Event trigger for plant growth states.
  • Added ability to use logic to read Quantity value from Pipe Analyzer which will return TotalMoles for the attached pipe network.
  • Added Trigger Plate. Activates a value or activates logic when something is within the trigger zone. Constructable from Kit (Trigger Plate) manufactured on the Electronics Printer.
  • Added Logic values for tanks and battery to Suit Storage.
  • Added kit for Portable Tank creation in the pipe bender, rather than making the tank itself as it tended to clip out and fly around.
  • Added Smart-Rotation support for FaceMounted objects.
  • Added Smart-Rotation to WallLight, WallHeater, WallCooler, Transformers, RTG, FlashingLight, All logic chips, buttons and dials, sensors, consoles and pipe/cable mounted objects.
  • Added Colored Flowers. Grow these and then grind them up in the Reagent Processor to produce dyes for making paints.
  • Added lateral movement even when height efficiency is low.
  • Added Medium and Heavy variants of gas filters. Medium filters last five times as long as the normal filters. Heavy filters last 20 times as long as the normal filters. They can be constructed on the Atmos Printer (Pipe Bender).
  • Added additional organics crate to default starting conditions. Includes flowers, and more food.
  • Replaced set of Road Flares in Construction Crate in default start with an Advanced Airlock Circuitboard.
  • Fixed Custom key assignments not saving correctly.
  • Fixed Elevator placement erroring when placed in same voxel as a wall by adding Z-Axis padding on the Elevator Shaft prefab so that it correctly registered as occupying 2 voxels.
  • Fixed Issue with new world screen entries being duplicated if coming from the workshop screen.
  • Fixed Issue with drag-and-drop thumbnails and drag-to-slot.
  • Fixed Top placement bug for FaceMountable objects.
  • Fixed Missing shake effect on ores caused by terrain refactor.
  • Fixed Jetpack Caution notification not occurring, only jetpack critical.
  • Fixed Not able to crowbar elevator open and closed.
  • Fixed Cereal bar using 150g of flour instead of 50g.
  • Fixed Constant drain of propellant when in zero gravity environments.
  • Fixed Switching hand to an empty slot while using the mining drill resulting in a null error requiring a restart to resolve.
  • Fixed Inability to launch tutorial due to corrupt translation file.
  • Fixed Ore orientation randomly changing while being mined by changing the shake effecting position to rotation
  • Fixed bug causing jetpack stabilization not working while using the labeller.
  • Fixed jetpacks sending many more network messages than it needed to.
  • Fixed Attempted to reduce instances of NaN batteries in cold environments. Should also clear their broken state on save load.
  • Added Suomi (Finnish) translation.
  • Updated Localization files for German, Italian, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese and Spanish.


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Zachary Smith
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