Stationeers - Portable Hydroponics, Hard suit Backpacks and more

Stationeers - Version 0.1.1603.7531 patch note details

Greetings! The development team for Stationeers is starting to get back on track after a few slow weeks. From the next phase in Scenario development to some new toys along with a dose of bug fixes, this version has a lot in store.

Last month, a new suit was added to the game. This month, two new backpack variants have been added to go with the new Hard Suit. One is a newer version of the current jetpack with a little more storage. The bigger change is you can choose to not use the jetpack and just use the backpack, even when you are running around base with no suit.

Portable Hydroponics

The 'Portable Hydroponics Tray', A new early-game option for growing crops of food, has been added with this version. This tray comes pre-loaded with a small canister of water to get you started. However, its still up to you to provide a growing atmosphere and source of sunlight.

Escape from Mars

The Escape From Mars scenario has been pulled off the workshop and integrated into the base game. Although it is still an early version it is full completable without creative mode. BE WARNED - it is definitely a challenge. You'll have a limited set of starting supplies, and will need to be able to use a furnace. This is needed to create some of the late-game alloys and a large quantity of mixed fuel in order to complete all the objectives. You'll find a guide tablet near your starting location pick it up and read for some additional tips and save your progress to return to it later.


A full list of the changes and fixes made with this version of Stationeers. For more detail on the modding changes check out the consolidated patch notes on Steam.

Version 0.1.1603.7531:
  • Added Escape From Mars scenario to base game, but still requires a lot of balance and currently will be very difficult to complete. If you do try it out, drop by Discord and let us know what you think!
  • Added Speakers can now be linked to Airlock Controllers. When a speaker is linked to the airlock controller, it will be turned on and off in the same way as lights are - when the airlock is processing all Speakers will be turned on.
  • Added Speaker (Klaxton). Has six alarm sounds and three basic music tracks. Set the different tracks using Mode, turn on and off with external tool. Can set volume either via logic, or via a screw on the speaker itself. Constructable from a Speaker Kit, which you can build on the Electronics Printer.
  • Added Hardsuit Jetpack. Has increased capacity (forteen slots) as well as full jetpack functionality and increased environmental protection for contents. Constructable from the Tool Manufactory.
  • Added Hardsuit Backpack. This has more slots, but no jetpack capability. Constructable from the Tool Manufactory. Useful where you want more storage space but don't require jetpack.
  • Added first pass of setting prefab attributes through modding. There is now a new XML type "ThingModData" which is a list inside "ThingMods" in GameData. This allows you to overwrite prefab values that were previously hardcoded in the prefabs. So far, variables on Thing, DynamicThing, Item, Food, GasCanister, and BatteryCell have been exposed. An example mod is included in the game folder (StreamingAssets\, as well as on the workshop (don't run while playing the game, it makes eggs unusable in recipes). Note that over time more and more attributes will be exposed, allowing you to mod more and more of the game.
  • Added Portable Hydroponics. A dynamic item that contains four planting slots, and a gas canister slot. Provided as part of the starting supplies, and also constructable from a kit produced from Pipe Bender. Allows growing plants in a dynamic object that can be carried around. Still requires sunlight. Can be wrenched onto a connector.
  • Added recipes for Mushroom, Pumpkin and Rice to the Organics Printer.
  • Added recipe for mothership core to Electronics Printer with some very temporary ingredients. This is largely to support the Mars scenario that is still being tested.
  • Added OnMothershipCreatedEvent to scenario authoring to support tasks to create new mothership cores.
  • Fixed Setting volume via logic is no longer clamped between 0.1 and 1. Now uses 1-100.
  • Fixed error message when trying to set Klaxon volume outside the main thread (ie. via logic).
  • Fixed Air Conditioner screen not turning on when loading a save.
  • Fixed Guide Tablet now resets to page 1 when you progress to a new mission stage.
  • Fixed incorrect paths when loading scenarios from base game data vs from mods.
  • Reduced amount of water that spawns with a Water Canister.
  • Fixed mining drill being audible at far beyond it's intended sound range.
  • Fixed Batteries having their power stored value being set to NaN and rendering the battery non functional.
  • Fixed collision damage not taking angle into account. You should no longer receive damage if sliding down a slope.
  • Reverted some changes intended to increase performance that may have been causing issues (exploding canisters)
  • Fixed some scenario objects not being cleaned up properly preventing you from completing objectives if you restarted a scenario without relaunching the game.
  • Fixed bug with Scenarios looking to the wrong file path for the starting condition definitions XML file.
  • Refactored mineables pool. Modest reduction in garbage collection.
  • Fixed Save/Loading of Scenarios so that they properly restore stage and objective states.
  • Fixed wrong rice texture was used. Resulted in green rice and weird plant textures. Now correct texture used so rice is white.
  • Fixed Using the Type mode on OnConstructedEvent now checks for a subclass match not an exact class match.
  • Fixed ThingExceedAltitudeEvent now selects the first mothership it finds when the mission task is created. Means this task trigger will have to be on a subsequent stage after any mothership creation one or it won't work correctly until save/load.
  • Fixed TaskDisplays list on Custom Missions is now correctly cleared at the end of a stage.
  • Fixed Mothership cores being placed at world origin instead of correctly on the mothership grid due to the mothership having its grid set back to the world grid by occlusion manager.
  • Fixed ability to interact with empty slots on Hydroponics Station and Portable Hydroponics even when holding nothing.
  • Fixed A bug in which cycling through some options while on mothership grid would cause incorrect orientation of the object.
  • Updated Localizations for French, Italian, Simplified and Traditional Chinese, Spanish and Suomi. As always, a big thanks for the active members in the #localization channel contributing to the translation effort.


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Zachary Smith
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