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New Additions! Elevators, Construction kits and more with Stationeers

Greetings Stationeers fans! The past week we have received some awesome additions! Elevators, an expansion to the Logic System, Construction Kits and more. Some of these additions were fueled by the steam community. Be sure to do your part by leaving feedback on the Stationeers Discussions.

Let's go over the additions and whats new with the current version of Stationeers.


Probably one of the most requested features, the elevator, can now be constructed. You can place shafts and levels to reach different heights and floors much easier. You will even be able to link them to the Logic system!

Logic System

Circuitboards that allow graphing data received from logic systems and devices are now available. You can simply use a labeler on the button and enter the value directly from a keyboard.

Another community suggestion, the logic mirrors, have been added to complement the logic system. The logic mirrors are intended to be used to share a device across another logic network.

Crate Mounts

Have you ever bumped one of those starter crates and watched your hopes and dreams just float away? Well, the developers say, "Suffer no more!"

A crate mount has been added to let you fix dynamic crates to the ground. You can attach them using a wrench, the same way you affix Dynamic Canisters to Tank Connectors.

Construction Kits

Construction kits for select portables have been added. This comes from a great suggestion on the steam forums, another example of how the community can affect the development of a game.

These kits can be built like other constructables, hold the kit in hand and place it down with the secondary action button. So far the Airconditioner, Crate, and Scrubber will have this portable option. However keep in mind, once assembled, they cannot be deconstructed.


Additions and fixes in the latest update with the latest hotfix:

It seems the skeletons have gotten out of hand with this current update. For a laugh, check out what was needed in this recent hotfix.

Version 0.1.1411.6759
  • Added first pass of Elevator support. Build Kit (Elevator) on the Electronics Printer. Two current placable blocks: Elevator shafts and Levels. When a level is placed, an elevator carrage will be created. You can only merge elevator networks where only one of them contains a carrage. The levels require power to operate their doors. Note: this is only the first pass and they may substantially change! Be very careful with this while they are on the beta branch in your saves. KNOWN ISSUE: They will not work as expected on motherships. Next update will ensure they work correctly on motherships.
  • Added logic hooks for Elevators. Any elevator (both shafts and levels) will return the ElevatorLevel being the current level of the carrage on the local elevator network. You can also set the ElevatorLevel, which will make the carrage try to go to that level. And you can read the ElevatorSpeed, which is how fast the elevator is going. Where the carrage is missing, error values will be returned (like -1 for the ElevatorLevel).
  • Added Logic Motherboard support of Quantity, Export/Import slot details, and Recipe Hash.
  • Added Chute Bin logic support for slot. Now will report slot occupied (0 or 1), slot occupant type (hash), and slot quantity (stackable or consumable quantity).
  • Added logic reading of contents of Import and Export slots. Now can read the contents using ImportSlotHash and ExportSlotHash. Each type of item has a unique hash. A gold ingot in a slot would give a hash of 226410516. This means you can check if the contents of an export or import slot is of a certain type, and then implement logic accordingly.
  • Added Logic reading and writing of current product code to basic fabricators (printers). You can now read the "product code" which will give you an integer that is a reference to that product. You can store this value easily in memory using a Logic Reader. When you subsequently "write" that value back, as a Product code again, it will set that printer to that recipe. This allow you to automatically control what a printer is producing, and potentially make automated factories.
  • Added Circuitboard (Hash Display). This circuitboard can be connected with anything that has a readable hash. The prime example is linking it with any fabricator, and the display will show a thumbnail of what is selected as the current recipe. It could be set to read a Logic unit such as a Reader, which is in turn set to read from the Arc Furnace Export Slot Hash, which would render a picture of the current Ingot type being produced.
  • Added Logic Mirror. Has a screw that allows the selection of any device on it's input network. All variables of that device are then mirrored on this device, allowing you to mirror the logic state of devices between different networks. You are able to both read and write to the mirrored device. If the logic mirror is not powered, it will return no data and will not allow setting data. The logic mirror itself will be completely hidden to the logic system, as it's purpose is only to mirror. It is buildable off the Logic I/O Kit.
  • Added Diode Slide. This is a diode that slides between 0 and 1 based on what its setting is, and shows a balance of red or green based on the value of this. Useful for reporting how full something is using the logic system.
  • Added Logic Memory values can be directly set via keyboard entry. Use a labeller on a screw to bring up the value input screen and enter a value. This will then be set to the memory unit.
  • Changed Logic system to use "double" precision as a base, rather than "float", due to precision issues. Devices still tend to use floats for implementation. Some devices will be moved to double (such as energy) due to precision issues. These issues remain and will be fixed when this is changed.
  • Refactored player input window. Performance improved and code simplified. Also stores previously entered values. You can select the previous ones using the mouse wheel while in the input screen. A maximum of ten previous entries are stored. The input window will also display the input mode (such as alphanumeric, or decimal number, or integer only).
  • Added Circuitboard (Graph Display). Can be built on the Electronics Printer. Takes the average setting from any assignable device and records the value. Records a value every tick (half second) and then renders them as a graph. Color of the line is take from the Console color.
  • Added Smart Gas Canisters. Twice the capacity of the default gas canisters, and featuring a display roughly depicting its pressure level.
  • Added give up option when going unconscious. You can now kill yourself on becoming unconscious and respawn immediately, instead of waiting for death.
  • Added ability to set values with keyboard input using a labeller on a button on the Transformers, Pipe Regulators, Volume Pump, and Mixer. This is similar to setting a value using the labeller on memory. This is a much faster (and more specific) way of setting a value on the device than clicking the wheel to move it.
  • Added Hydroponics Station. This is an advanced hydroponics grower. It has four slots and provides UV light for the plants to grow, even when in darkness. This UV light is toggleable on and off as it draws a lot of power. It also provides data on it's four slots, providing Growth state, efficiency, health, and the Hash of what kind of plant is inserted. Water should be provided via the pipe, everything else is gathered from the atmosphere around the station. Internal atmosphere (water) is exposed via the logic system also. Kit is available on the Electronics Printer.
  • Added new custom model for Security Printer. Also features dedicated button for Select Recipe functionality.
  • Added Flashpoint, Autoignition, and Hash, to the EReader (Credit: Masoneer).
  • Added Container Mount. This functions like a Tank Connector, you can drag a container onto the mount and then use your wrench to secure or unsecure it.
  • Added more broken build states to frames. Structures will now break to a corresponding build state if there is one, otherwise they will break to the next available build state down.
  • Added Access control to Battery, Centrifuge, Generator, Pump, Recycler, Suit Storage, Transformer, and Flashing Light.
  • Added key bind for turning headlamp on and off. Default: 'L'
  • Added MotherShip Core Kit for constructing a frame to begin building a mothership on (without the debug menu).
  • Added Kit (Crate) Item. When used with secondary action (Right Mouse) creates a Dynamic Crate. These can be built on the Autolathe using Iron Ingots. This allows early game creation of Dynamic Crates for use storing things. Credit: Nysch on Steam Suggestion forum.
  • Added Kits for constructing Portable Air Conditioner and Portable Scrubber. These are produced from the Pipe Bender. Use right click action to build these in front of you.
  • Changed input window to lock to input type (i.e. numbers).
  • Fixed door and airlock action strings not localized.
  • Fixed Pointing a Tablet with an Atmospherics Analyzer cartridge at a Tank Storage will now display the internal atmosphere of the contained gas canister (if present).
  • Fixed Can now place place a pipe and a cable in the same grid (but not more than one of the same type) as long as the ends don't overlap.
  • Fixed Players can no longer place crafting machines without a frame underneath.
  • Fixed Atmos thread crashing when a wall takes damage from overpressure. Overpressured bases should no longer give a huge wall of errors.
  • Fixed newly placed and unset LED displays not turning their display off when power toggled (credit: Eearslya). Now LED displays will correctly turn their display off when lost power or switched off.
  • Fixed commander slot access card slots were not correctly merging access permissions (credit: Masoneer / Risu). Now each slot access permissions correctly merged.
  • Fixed null reference exception on new shaft creation. Carrage was incorrectly trying to initialize before being correctly assigned to the shaft network. Now gracefully handles this.
  • Fixed Import and Export Slot Quantity was not reporting quantity for consumables (such as ingots). It was only supporting quantity checking for stackables. Now correctly reports quantity for stackable and consumable.
  • Fixed insidious bug with Approximately implementation that resulted in large numbers in logic system not being correctly managed.
  • Fixed broken structures being able to be deconstructed instantly by any object.
  • Fixed missing gun hit particle.
  • Fixed ItemPipeRadiator now paintable.
  • Fixed Missing sounds on some structures after the addition of the access control interactions.
  • Fixed errors with effects manager trying to render effects on the dedicated server.
  • Fixed plants being deleted when being harvested. This was an erroneous fix to previous bug with plants when destroying their growing tray. Now plants will be destroyed when destroying their tray, but only if the seed has grown. If the seed is mature, it will be harvested normally instead of being destroyed. If the seed is still a seed, it will be ejected like all other inventory would.
  • Fixed Steel Frame (Side), (Corner), and (Corner Cut), can be placed repeatedly over top of one another, or overlapping other objects. Masoneer #0053.
  • Fixed the furnace contents window will never show more than 500, but will still correctly output what youve put into it. Ie. 2000g of steel would be four 500g bars, but the windows will just say "500". Masoneer living bug list 0096. Now reports how many stacks will be produced, and the remainer, of the current contents.
  • Fixed unable to interact with slots on securing crate to crate mount if the lid was open when crate was mounted. Now can correctly interact.
  • Fixed various pipe kits not correctly paintable and displaying the correct colors.
  • Fixed Pipe Valve not paintable and does not show correct color thumbnails. Now correctly paintable and shows correct thumbnails for color in inventory.
  • Changed strings with "Construction Kit" to "Kit" for names.
  • Fixed Helmet light being operable when not on head slot.
  • Fixed screen effects not showing in third person. Now volumetric lighting now correctly shows on local character when in third person.


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