Staxel 1.3 Friendship Update

Staxel 1.3 Friendships, Villager Behaviour, New Festivals and More

Greetings Staxel fans! Today we have some details on the latest 1.3 update for Staxel. A lot of hard work has gone into this update and there are many new features. Below we have highlighted the main features and provided a list of all the new content. Let's get started and dive into whats new with 1.3!

The New Friendship System

You can now build a relationship with villagers! You can build relations by talking with them on a regular basis, giving them gifts, and doing favors for them. The villagers will also have 'Friendship Quests' to complete. Here are some of the benefits you could see from having a friend:

  • You might receive some special gifts
  • you can even invite them to become your roommate!
    • It's important to choose your best friend carefully though, you can only have one roommate at a time.

Villager Behaviour

Villagers daily behavior has been improved greatly!  Villagers now have more than just improved dialog. They will now do day-to-day activities like shopping in the local store or holding conversations with each other.

More Quests

As stated earlier, Villagers will each have quests for you to complete. Each quest is unique and will build the bond between you and that villager.

New Festivals

To go along with all the other improvements and additions, a new fully-fledged Springtime festival has been added. We dont have much information about the coming event, but we do have a small sneak peek:

New Content

New building tools, a springtime disaster, furniture, hats, pets and much more! GEKOOKTEI has put together a list for you of the major amount of new content in Staxel 1.3. Check out the full list and changelog below:

Major new content:
  • Friendship system: Befriend the villagers by giving them gifts, conversing with them, or completing daily quests.
  • Roomies: Help out a villager enough, become their best friend, and maybe they’ll agree to move in with you! All you need to do is given them a certain special item and make sure you set up your own home’s signpost!
  • Gifts: You can now give villagers items by pressing the correct button with the item selected.
  • New quests: More than 35 new quests spread across 11 villagers, spanning several friendship storylines (Leif, Eris, and Jamie will receive theirs in a future update).
  • New pet type: Unlock an entirely new species of a pet through Rosemary’s quests! Not even the whole dev team knows what it is!
  • New faces: New storylines bring with them interesting new individuals!
  • New hats: Who doesn’t want more hats?
  • New furniture and tiles: Even more ways to decorate!
  • Quest items: These specially marked items are extra hard to lose:
    • They can’t be dropped or thrown away.
    • They will always end up in your inventory, even if it is full.
    • They’ll even throw out a random item to make room if necessary!
  • Placeable quest tiles will always return to the inventory when broken.
  • A new festival: Springtime brings with it a tiny disaster.
  • New building tools: Tape measures simplify judging sizes, along with many other handy tools to make building a cinch!



A detailed changelog for Staxel 1.3:


  • Reputation and reputation levels
  • Reputation icons displayed in nametags
  • Reputation can be gained by:
    • Talking
    • Giving Items
    • Completing daily quests
  • The ability to invite villagers to be your roomie upon completing their questline
    • Roomied villagers will hang out at your house
    • Roomied villagers will have extra special dialogue
  • A new species of pet
  • A new festival
  • Dozens of new quest items
  • New hats
  • Conversations with Murmurs (Merchants)
  • Postboxes and signs can have extra criteria:
    • Must be away from town
    • Must not overlap with another totem
  • Villagers can go shopping in the village
  • Villagers can converse with each other (only used in quests for now)
  • Dialogue can be used to spawn villagers, tiles, and more.
  • Allow all numpad buttons to be mapped; some were missed by mistake
  • Fix pets colliding with doors while following their owners
  • Fix some cases of Journal entries duplicating
  • Fix an issue where postbox/totem sale pools couldn’t be expanded with new tiers
  • When checking for an item in a players inventory, the clothing slots were skipped
  • Fixed some dialogue issues, which resulted in getting stuck in conversations
  • Added a large number of extra Dialogue Commands
  • Added functionality to fishables to be active during certain quests, or while certain totems exist
  • Added functionality to plants to drop seeds when broken at certain stages
  • Allow villagers to be farm animals
  • Added village global variables for dialogue
  • Added personal cross-villager variables for players in dialogue
  • Add the ability to defer dialogue commands, limited to a small handful of commands for now
  • More extensive dialogue validation
  • Regards are now included in villager npc files
  • Dialogue pools blocked by friendship levels are included in villager npc files
  • Fixed an issue where a misnamed dialogue command could still be validated
  • Fixed an issue where farm animals, and pet models were not checked
  • Fixed bodytype layers in some animals
  • When creating translation files for dialogues, the content builder will now filter to .dialogue and .npcconversation files.


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