Staxel - Sapling 1.1.50-51 Patch Notes

Staxel - Sapling 1.1.50-51 Patch Notes and the Biweekly changelogs

Hey hey, Staxel fans! The last two saplings have been placed below! Along with the recent 64-bit change, some TLC has been applied to improve performance. You can expect some new additions to the game as well as a handfull of fixes.  The developers will be moving to Bi-weekly updates in the future. this is to provide less clutter and more precise patch notes. This will also allow the major improvements and fixes to get the spotlight they deserve in the announcement section.

A convenient change log wiki is in place if you didn't know. This wiki page holds the information for the current and past saplings, check it out!

We have compiled a list of the recent changes below:

Brief Overview:

New Stuff:

  • Staxel is now running in 64 Bit:
  • Staxel now uses FNA.
  • Cards and Emotes are now avaliable!
  • Steam Networking.
  • New camera mode, “Selfie Mode”, when pressing X.
  • New hats.
  • New recipes.
  • Flowers drop petals for crafting.
  • Commands can now get players with spaces in names by surrounding names with “”. (i.e. /kickplayer “Hah You Can’t Kick Me”)“
  • Tutorial Skip for players who have been through the tutorial once before.
  • Text Speed option. It can be made 5x faster.

Due to the 64bit change, the following changes have occurred:

  • Less Out Of Memory Errors. Less Purple Screens.
  • Improved lower end performance. Performance Stability should be increased.
  • Graphics Card usage is down.
  • Disk Usage is down.
  • Note: Reported memory usage (RAM) is up. This is due to Staxel not hiding memory in the Page File anymore.


  • All postboxes and signs (Totems) have two tiers. Shops won’t immediately die when you take their boxes. Important signs also give a warning when you break them.
  • A lot of price changes have been made.
  • A lot of work has been done to lower Hard drive usage. It is now under control.
  • World generation and Level Of Detail generation have been sped up.
  • Tutorial changes, most for those not the admin of the server.
  • Animal behaviour is more reliable. They also have more trouble jumping over fences. (Still an area we are working on.)


  • A large number of fixes were made.


  • should crash less, and more systems should work as expected.


Feb 22 2018, 07:57 pm
Zachary Smith
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