Staxel - Sapling 1.2.13 

Staxel - Sapling 1.2.13 Patch Notes

Sapling 1.2.13 updates Staxel with over 30 fixes. Along with this update, you will notice some important changes and new additions.

You can now collect and place water with the new sponge tool. Also, when completing achievements you will receive achievement rewards via the mail system. You should receive a mail on how to get these when you get your first reward. There are many more new features and changes so be sure to check out the full list below!

A full list of the changes and fixes this patch:


  • Sponge tool. You can collect and place water with this.
  • Achievement rewards. You’ll receive a mail on how to get these when you get your first reward.
  • You can regrow trees by planting saplings. (You can find the recipe for Saplings in the crafting tab.)
  • New options menu option. Horizontal 3rd person offset.
  • Added a Slight Camera Smoothing effect.
  • A sound will play when night transition is finished.


  • Multiple animations should now blend together better. You can drink properly while you sit now.
  • Recipes now correctly show what item you get from them.
  • Removed the human ears on Caiths. Hairstyles should also be more consistent. (Not missing jewels etc)
  • All animal stats are now stored when crating. (Even pets) No more free reseting.
  • Museum now checks for tile categories instead of tiles.
  • Stick bugs have been rotated and now will appear on the side of wood blocks. This increases the rate at which you can find them.
  • The regions of Postboxes/Signs has been slightly extended vertically. Takes affect on new worlds or when breaking/replacing them.
  • Trees can now have colour variation.
  • Merchants will wait a moment before restarting their dialogue again when being spam clicked.
  • Loading screen is now shown when teleporting the player.
  • Removed the postbox on the farm as the player is given one.
  • Changed the Clocks in the Town Hall to not all make sound on new worlds.
  • Made the transition in/out Map Mode nicer.
  • The launcher will now stay up until the game launches. It will also have an icon during this period.
  • Sometimes when finishing dialogue, a notification will appear saying that the journal has been updated.
  • Added some debugging tools to work out the Black Screen Bug.
  • Fossil rocks now have collision.
  • /toggleTimePassing was added to toggle time. /stoptime will eventually be changed.
  • Letters and balloons have been rotated in the hand.
  • A number of placeholder models have been changed.
  • Volume of placement sounds were raised.
  • Festival totems are now unbreakable during festivals.
  • Clock hands now go into the middle.
  • Chat is now hidden on night transition.
  • Some decorative plants now drop themselves.
  • The pet house from the Creative Menu will always spawn a random pet now.
  • Hedges now have auto tiling.
  • Changed how the Client works to better hint drivers.
  • Camera Command now gives feedback on what went wrong.
  • Slowed running animation slightly.
  • Adjusted Farm Fan’s movement and leading mechanics to not require the player to be as close.
  • Allow you to switch colours for the Character Generator background.


  • Polishers counting to Fossil achievements.
  • Fix pets being permanently ill.
  • Fixed a bug where pets would get their hunger incremented twice per day.
  • Fixed an issue with pets that shouldn’t be alive due to not having a house anymore.
  • Farm Fan will now repeat “Find Max” dialogue when talking to her after completing the tutorial but not handed in the registration letter. (Also gives an extra copy of the letter if needed.)
  • Fixed double/overlapping music.
  • Fixed music no longer fading between tracks.
  • Fix seeds going to where the cursor is, rather than the place they were meant to be placed.
  • Some plants with BreakOnSeasonChange, will now delete the tile if the player is around on Season Change. This does not affect tiles further than a bit away. (i.e. Some snow piles will dissappear, but not all.)
  • Fixed an issue where player list will never update with some players.
  • Fixed inventory selling not using the correct stack of items.
  • Fixed creative catalogue buying replacing full sized stacks.
  • Fixed old notifications showing when changing worlds.
  • Fixed an issue where certain blocks caused a jittering effect on the camera when walking up them.
  • Fixed the game’s resolution not defaulting to monitor resolution on resetting options.
  • Try to give an actual error to the client when the server disconnects them.
  • Fixed an issue with waking up at midnight while in the middle of fishing.
  • Fixed some issues with Multiplayer Server list not updating correctly.
  • /enablecheats and /op now correctly allow the Debug options menu to appear.
  • An issue with beach edges not counting as beach biomes.
  • Fixed an issue where docks could find a null entry and pass that on.
  • Fixed issues with parts of the Player not resetting between worlds. This caused issues with the journal.
  • Attempt to remove old duplicate bug entities from older worlds.
  • Fixed some recipes being carve instead of tile.
  • Fixed an issue where you could get the Talking with Farm Fan by clicking on her while too far away.
  • Fixed the wrong notification displaying for shipping dock in certain circumstances.
  • Fixed a hardcoded spawn offset in spawners. They will change depending on tile height.
  • Hardened the game against modded collectables disappearing. These caused issues after removing a mod.
  • Fixed some memory leaking in some functions.
  • Allow the player to interact with things while the debug tools and Creative shovel are in hand.
  • Fixed another money overflow issue.
  • Fixed certain tiles (e.g. clocks) not having the right model show. Also fixes collision on these tiles.
  • Changed how some of the chunk detailing worked.
  • Attempt some sneaky fixes to try and get the graphics driver to use the right graphics card.
  • Fix not all translations showing when the list got too long.
  • Fix parsing multiple of the same argument to the client.
  • Fix an issue with mail after opening the journal.
  • Fix firing off too many threads on machines with low powered cpus.


Apr 9 2018, 05:33 am
Zachary Smith
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