The Nitrado Partner Spotlight! November 2021: Nessendyl

Nitrado Partner Spotlight for November 2021: Nessendyl

Greetings to our readers out there! This November, we are bringing you Nessendyl, a streamer and animal lover.

You can find her streaming Monday to Saturday, leaving Sundays to spend them with her family. You can take a look at her stream schedule on her Discord every Monday.

"Thanks to Nitrado, I have high-performance servers that are very useful for my videos and livestreams."

- Nessendyl

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Partner Spotlight – Q&A

1. Everyone on the internet has a story of where their name came to be. What's the story behind Nessendyl?

  • I used the pseudonym Nessa at first on the internet and sometimes Kemdyl (land in Tolkien language). I wasn't sure, and Nessa was used by a lot of people on the web. I wanted a very personal pseudonym without taking a word invented by someone else. I ended up having the idea of mixing the two, which in my head gave Nessendyl. With a little elvish sound to it that I liked!

2. Nitrado is partnered with hundreds of Content Creators, Modders, and Developers. How are you finding your partnership with Nitrado?

  • I'm happy with it! Thanks to Nitrado, I have high-performance servers that are very useful for my videos and livestreams. They have also allowed me to create a community of players who come to have fun!

3. Everyone has a favorite game or a game they'll always come back to play. What's that game for you?

  • I think we can say ARK without too much hesitation, lol. I love to torture myself and get eaten!

4. Inspiration is key in any venture. What inspires you with content creation?

  • I've never had a problem with imagination. And then, with the mods created by other gamers and the diversity of video games, it's not hard to find content!

5. In today's competitive environment for content creators, switching to new games is needed to stay ahead of the curve, which means you often don't get to finish games. What was the last one you felt you'd completed?

  • I'm very good at starting and leaving a game undone! I've finished a lot of themed ARK servers, but the last finished full game would have to be Across the Grooves, a choice game, and the more famous Detroit Become Human.

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