The Nitrado Partner Spotlight! September 2021: blue_mx

Nitrado Partner Spotlight for September 2021: blue_mx

Greetings to our readers out there! For our September Partner Spotlight, we bring you - from Mexico to the world - our partner Carlos 'blue' Arestegui, better known as blue_mx.

He is a Mechatronic Engineer with a Master's in Project Management as well as a Professional Gamer. His specialty: shooter games.

At 29 years of age, he has created a large and faithful community that supports him. This is not only due to how great of a gamer he is but his charming personality too.

Check out his social channels, and you will understand why.

Below you'll find our Q&A to learn more about our partner blue_mx!

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Partner Spotlight – Q&A

1. Everyone on the internet has a story of where their name came to be. What's the story behind blue_mx?

  • Hello, I'm blue. I live in Mexico City. My story as a gamer started at an early age with my first console, a Super Nintendo. Since I was a child, I was a tryhard in Super Mario Bros, knowing all the tricks and, I liked the speedrun. At the age of 9, I was introduced to the gaming computer. It changed my perspective on how to play video games with a keyboard and mouse. It was an experience I will never forget.
    My nickname 'blue' was chosen because of Blue's Clues.

2. Nitrado is partnered with hundreds of Content Creators, Modders, and Developers. How are you finding your partnership with Nitrado?

  • Currently, with Nitrado I've had a close relationship regarding all the benefits they have given me, answering all of my questions as fast as possible, and always supporting me with all my services working 100%. All the work that Nitrado does to provide good service is incredible.

3. Everyone has a favorite game or a game they'll always come back to play. What's that game for you?

  • Counter-Strike. This is the game that has driven me to challenge my limits as a player, but also as a person. It has changed my life completely, and that's why I will keep coming back to it.

4. Inspiration is key in any venture. What inspires you with content creation?

  • The inspiration comes from motivating other players who're pursuing the dream I'm living since many of them don't have the support. But they have the attitude for it, so guiding them and giving them the tools to become professionals drives me.

5. In today's competitive environment for content creators, switching to new games is needed to stay ahead of the curve, which means you often don't get to finish games. What was the last one you felt you'd completed?

  • The last game I finished was Devil May Cry 4.
    When playing shooters, the improvement to be at the forefront is an infinite loop, you will never stop improving. That's why I'm used to playing the same game over and over again, for many years (20 years). To get to be the best in the world.

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