More TLC for the Dinos of ARK

Patch v279 brings the second pass of TLC updates for Dinos in ARK: Survival Evolved

Greetings fellow ARK fans! With Patch v279 comes Pass 2 of TLC for Dinos. The following Dinos received some Tender Love and Care from the developers; The Argentavis, Parasaur, Raptor, Sarcosuchus, Spinosaur, and Triceratops find themselves receiving varied gameplay and visual upgrades!

Here's a breakdown of the six creatures that received improvements in this TLC pass:

Dino TLC - The Argentavis!

Let’s start with The Argentavis, this is the trusty flying companion that many of us started Ark: Survival Evolved off with. It’s been spruced up with new animations, a texture update and a new model. It’s also received some new abilities, you can now carry two creatures at a time, one in the beak with the C key and one with it’s mighty talons with Right Click. In addition they’ll receive a health regen buff from consuming corpses, it’s saddle will act as a mobile crafting station and the weight of various resource will be reduced by up to 50% (Obsidian, Metal, Metal Ingot, Polymer and Stone)

Dino TLC - The Parasaur!

The old faithful Parasaur has received some new abilities, you can now put them in alarm mode which allows them to check for nearby threats and notifies you audibly and visually when threats are present. The Parasaur can also no scare small creatures when ridden with the C Key. Their new Scan ability can be triggered when ridden with Right Click, which will show you nearby threats.

Dino TLC - The Raptor!

The Attack Dogs of the dino world have been touched up with a new model, new animations, new textures and some new abilities. You can now pounce on a target with right click, which will pin the target for a short period if they are low enough to the ground, you can attack them with a left click while they’re pinned. The Raptors now get a Pack Buff when 3 Raptors are together which is activated with the C Key, this will increase their damage resistance, movement speed and attack speed, the buff lasts for 45s

Dino TLC - The Sarcosuchus!

The Sarcosuchus has received a new model, new animations, new textures and of course, some new abilities. This scaley creature will now grab targets and do a death roll which deals damage and disables the target, it can also lunge towards a target in front of it and does a 180 degree spin to attack enemies to it’s rear. You can now also walk on the back of friendly Sarcos, which is useful if you want to use them as a raft! Sarcos will maintain their depth while swimming which allows them to lurk just below the surface. Piranhas will flee from any Sarcos they encounter.

Dino TLC - The Spinosaur!

The Spinosaur, this huge creature has received some updates to its model, animations, and texture. It’s also received some new abilities! When in the water it receives a buff giving it bonus movement speed, turning radius, attack damage and healing. This buff also remains for a short period after leaving the water. You can also switch between BiPed and Quadruped with Right-Click. Both with their own advantages. Prefers prime fish for taming.

Dino TLC - The Triceratops!

The Triceratops, this workhorse of Ark has received a model update, animation update, texture update and some new abilities, which include Ram which will charge up for short period, the longer it's charged, the faster it goes, this attack will cripple it’s target when hit and knocks small dinos away while charging. The developers recommend you test it on some dodos! Poor dodos!


Another new ability is the Rivalry Buff which will be given when nearby to large carnivores, this buff will increase the damage output slightly and also increase the health by 10% while on the other hand, it will decrease the damage received by the Triceratops by a small amount.

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Mar 22 2018, 08:37 pm
Zachary Smith
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