Our Tops and Flops of 2016

Gaming in the year 2016 had many ups and downs. We've gone ahead and compiled a list from both ends of the spectrum.

5th Place

Top: Battlefield 1 has made a risky decision and decided to move away established scenarios, resulting in one fo the dirtiest and oppressive Battlefields to date. However, the approach is working due to the technical implementation and some historical freedoms are forgiven with the well done gameplay.

Flop: The big drawback for Battlefield 1 is the removal of privately rented servers. EA has made the choice to host their own servers and provide rentals themselves. Fans of the series took this as stab in the back, as the previous diversity of rental providers heavily accounted for much of the Battlefield experience.

4th Place

Top: Dark Souls 3 has revitalized the franchise, creating a more intense and exciting experience. The bosses are impressive, the level of difficulty is fairly high, and progress actually feels like progress. Old school gaming at it's finest.

Flop: The latest Street Fighter, Street Fighter V, is one of this years prime example of a questionable DLC policy. A significant amount of content was not included with the original release and was sold through DLCs, creating an unfinished feel to the game. This was demonstrated by The Guardians refusal to review the game based on the incompleteness of the game. The story mode also felt uninspired and multiplayer problems caused a suboptimal launch.

3rd Place

Top: 2016 blessed us with many beautiful indie titles. Stardew Valley is a nice representation of this. The Harvest Moon concept is and will remain timeless and has been displayed perfectly with Stardew Valley. Countless hours of fun on the cheap is a guarantee.

Flop: Call of Duty has been a disappointment for years due to lack of innovation, and Infinite Warfare is the first circumstance that the sales were actually affected. To date, the franchise has seen much success, but it seems the player base is finally taking things into their own hands by not getting the game. This will either result in changes to their style, or another troubled title for the franchise.

2nd Place

Top: If someone from the future told us Farming Simulator 17 was going to be a giant success before the release, we probably would have laughed nervously. On the contrary though, it seems GIANTS Software nailed this game, getting all of the features right and in the process, exceeding all expectations. This resulted in top places on sales charts and 2nd place for our Tops of 2016.

Flop: To contrast this, Pokémon Go had a fantastic launch and had many high expectations, which led to disappointment. The same monotonous gameplay and lack of development, along with weak servers at the start caused many players to leave what could have very well been one of the most promising mobile platform games we've ever seen.

1st Place

Top: Of course, as you all should expect, First Place for our Tops in 2016 in our community here at Nitrado. The news section here on the website was only introduced this year, and with your feedback, although more critical at times, has helped us tailor our content to your desires. This is a huge part of our successful year, and we cannot express fully how much you all mean to us.

Flop: We're not sure how many of you agree with us here (we're going to assume it's most of you), but our First Place Flop for 2016 has to go to No Man's Sky. On the surface, the game looks wonderful and had many promises to deliver, which recent updates have helped to remedy, but with all of the hype surrounding the game and the following disappointment with the actual game will be hard to ignore for many years to come. When we think of disappointments in 2016, the promise that No Man's Sky failed to deliver on comes to all of our minds. We wish it could have been different...

What are your thoughts on our list? What were your Tops and Flops for the year? Let us know in the comments below!

    Jan 1 2017, 03:18 am
    Matthew Wiebke
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