Valguero Console Release and Summer Bash Extension! ARK: Survival Evolved

Release details for Valguero on Xbox and PS4,  Summer Bash Extended

Greetings ARK fans! With summer in full swing, things are heating up. Xbox and PS4 survivors get ready, Valguero will be going live on July 19th!  The map will come as a free DLC that will be ready to play July 19th at 17:00 UTC (10:00 AM PST).

XBOX and PS4 survivors, get ready to meet the Deinonychus!

ARK Summer Bash

With the exciting news for Valguero for consoles, the ARK Summer Bash will also be extended! The event started behind schedule for most, so the team over at WildCard has decided to extend the event until July 19th.


About the Map

Witness familiar ARK gameplay in an expansive environment. you'll find everything from lush jungles to environmental hazards, snowfields to lava flows. You can expect more areas to build than ever before. Step into a brand new ARK experience where the classic ARK gameplay meets a world of new adventures - Valguero!

Main Features to look forward to:

  • Explore new lands in a vast and diverse 63 km map
  • New Dinosaur: Deinonychus, ARK's newest feathered theropod, found only in Valguero
  • Eight Biomes each with its own climate and dangers
  • 'Tripple Threat' Boss Challenge: Battle against a Megapithecus, Manticore, and Dragon
  • The Aberration Trench and a massive underground tunnel system
  • Mysterious ruins to discover
  • Challenging dungeons and dungeon bosses


Want more ARK? Here are some helpful Links:

Jul 11, 07:57 pm
Zachary Smith
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3 Days
I still can't access to my web interface... It's really frustrating. I just need to swap this damn map...
3 Days
I can't access to my web interface...
Mine is swapped and ready to go just as soon as wildcard finishes the deployment of the new update.
.... I don't even know what to type to express my disappointment in Nitrado right now.
well first day of my rented server is already being wasted, not on the list yet. Thanks Nitrado
3 Days
it says my web interface is updating
Oh there it is boys and girls, there it is!
3 Days
leave to wildcard for another disappointing launch
3 Days
Servers are all down.......exciting!!!
3 Days
nah holmes they already had it ready they just have to launch it but they wack
It will probably take some time, guys. Nitrado has to wait for wildcard just like we do, and then Nitrado has to do it's own thing before we can do ours.
3 Days
No map yet? Anyone?
3 Days
No my map is not loading
okay... let us change the map now please...
Anyone see the map on the list?
Anyone have the map up?
3 Days
It’s 5pm uk time that it is available
3 Days
How do you switch the server I don't see the map on there
3 Days
I am getting up at 3am to wait for it so i can install it on my server. Is it likely to be a staggered roll out?
3 Days
Can’t wait for the new map
i fourth it
6 Days
I third that comment
10 Days
I second that comment
11 Days
Is the map gonna be available to switch our servers to as soon as it releases?