Valheim Hearth & Home now available

The wait is over. The Valheim Hearth & Home Update is here!

Greetings Vikings! The long-awaited Valheim Hearth & Home update is released and waiting for you. Here's what you need to know about it.

First, you awake, brought back to life by Valkyries and commanded to annihilate Odin's most ancient foes. The moons go by, and your mission to bring order to Valheim progresses steadily. Yet, your body and soul grow weary with every battle under the onslaught of the fierce land. Soon you realize, that to survive and carry on with your task, heroes need to relax and repose. This is only one of the core features for the latest and greatest to date Valheim update, Hearth & Home.

Before we continue, if you haven't watched it yet, take a look at the official trailer:

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Great! Now let’s dive right into it.

This update brings us new building pieces, cooking extensions, plantable onions with onion flowers, foods, coin stacks, coin piles, and treasure chests.

With the new building pieces, you’ll be able to create darkwood roofs and window hatches.

The new cooking extensions include a spice rack, butcher table, pots, and pans. With these additions, your home will now look like YOUR home.

With this, a new food system has been implemented. Food is now divided up into three categories. If you desire to build the longhouse of your dreams, you will want the food that provides stamina. On the other hand, if you are engaged in combat, you will need the food that boosts your health.
This new system will allow you to lean more into your play style.

New Food System

The reworked food system removed the food bar. Now you’ll see timers showing how much time you have left for each category of food before you need to eat more. You will see the timers as bars divided into three: a red bar for health, a yellow bar for Stamina, and the white one being evenly split.

Vikings need to stay healthy, so new food recipes are here. Onions are one of the additions, but it isn't plain onions: These are blooming onions that come with a bunch of new recipes to make sure your Viking doesn't get tired of eating the same food all the time.

Additionally, the bread and the pie now have to be baked in the oven before you eat them. So you don't have to eat soggy bread. Should you be unhappy with what you've eaten, you can always have a quick snack of bukeperries, and soon you'll be ready to eat something new. Just make sure none of your friends are around for the mess.

Offense and Defense

Similar to the food system, weapons and shields have been reworked. To offer you a choice that fits your playstyle perfectly.

Let's start with the tower shields that are the best option if you're looking to play defensively and stay alive, especially against a large number of enemies at once.

The buckler is the opposite of the tower shield as it offers lesser blocking but allows you to parry incoming strikes.

Meanwhile, the regular round shield will continue to be a solid choice for the standard fighter.

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Discover all the changes on your own game server!


For those of you that subscribe to the school of offense is the best defense, these changes are for you:

  • The two-handed axe now has a bit of a faster windup and increased stagger damage and cleaving capabilities. But of course, it will remain slow and heavy to wield, so you must be tactical.
  • The bow has received adjustments to feel more balanced and less overpowered. The draw speed has been changed, so you cannot draw the bow instantly. Instead, you will have more time to aim while drawn, without draining your stamina as fast as previously.

What else is new?

What good are all your riches when you can't show them off?

Coin piles and stacks are purely decorative, but the new treasure chests will work like the old wooden chests. They are useful for storing and keeping those coins and supplies safe.

As an extra, here's a peek at two more additions to this update:

What do you think about these changes? Are you ready to change that old thatch roof for one decorated with Odin’s ravens? Visit our social media profiles and let us know your thoughts!

Excited about Valheim? Try it with your friends on your very own Nitrado server today!

Discover all the changes on your own game server!


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