Valnir Rok - Patch Version More fixes!

Valnir Rok - Patch Version - changes, improvements, and fixes

Vikings! Another patch for Valnir Rok comes to us this day! The developers over ENCURIO stated their apologies regarding the delays. A little more of a wait is sometimes needed when they are bringing the fixes. Making a quality game is not easy but ENCURIO is doing a terrific job! Here are the changes, improvements, and fixes that were brought to us this patch:

Valnir Rok small


  • Housing: Hit detection for hitting buildings on server is now the same as inspection system check, which means players will hit the building part they have displayed on the client
  • Experimental: Changed proximity update loading of items, now working as queue without multiple add/delete coroutines running
  • NPC: Nerfed undead NPCs and added more of them


  • Updated tree spawn performance


  • UI: You can now take half stacks from items in the working bench (use Shift)
  • UI: Fixed Blacklist issues
  • Items: Fixed silver arrow recipe
  • Housing: Altars should be placeable again
  • Housing: Added repair and destroy menu to altar
  • Inventory: Fixed message, that there is no space when chopping trees, won't show now
  • Audio: Ambient Audio issue fixed
  • Updated Audio: Character Audio for 3D, changed fading on distance
  • NPC: Removed bloodstains from first quest-giver, because of clipping
  • NPC: Guards will not instant attack players when they are in combat mode



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-Zach Smith

Oct 10 2017, 03:11 am
Zachary Smith
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