Ylands - GUI Changes, Blueprints and more with Version 0.9

Ylands - Blueprints, GUI, and the most recent developer diary

Greetings fellow Explorers! The Version 0.9 update has a lot of nice changes and additions that are made available to the game. Along with a completely reworked GUI page, the Avatars are a little bit different after this patch as well.  Starting with 0.9 you no longer select your avatar's appearance and its name when entering a new game. When you run the game for the first time now, you will be asked to create your game name. This game name will be used for all in game needs, you can only change it once so make it good!

Let's take a look at what else is new with 0.9.


Outlines of premade structures that you can put in your game are here. The only thing needed for the blueprints is supplying the resources. If the resources are supplied the structure will be built automatically.  Here are some features to look forward to with the blueprint system:

  • You can capture your own blueprints inside your barrier with a blueprint camera.
  • You can also claim some for free and purchase some through the in-game store.
  • In the future, we're also planning to put blueprints into the world for you to find as treasure.


The developers have also implemented a New GUI with this version update. In this update, you will find the first iteration that will be less confusing in many ways. The new GUI will be more consistent across the game as a whole. For now, it doesn't support gamepad and keyboard controls but this is under development - that will obviously change in the near future. We have great plans with it and you will see it improve with every single update.

Update Dev Diary

A full list of the new Features and Fixes made with Version 0.9:


  • Players can now start games where players can't hurt each other (PvE)
  • Adjusted stack count dialog now allows for a more precise control. Players can also enter the count into an input box.
  • Added default voxel colors in each region for better results when working with terraformer
  • Lowered color blending distance for voxels (almost no visual impact, but new games should generate a bit faster)
  • Log drop rates from adult trees increased by 100%
  • Building block adjustments
  • Extended Protective barrier range to 90x90x90m


  • Fixed bear reproduction rates
  • Changed voxel types in some regions to better reflect their colors
  • Boosted energy heaters to make them more useful
  • Small energy switch and energy switch are now padlockable
  • Fixed Ylandium lantern exploit
  • Fixed burning candle overheating player when held in hands
  • Horse hides now stack up to 5 in the inventory, as all the other hides do
  • Fixed flax bundles in medieval gate encounter
  • Ignite actions on explosives renamed to Ignite explosive
  • Removed Vulture and Seagull from the Cube
  • Fixed Medieval library tower encounter- key now fits the chest key
  • Corals and seashells now drop pigments upon destruction
  • Tombstone dropped after player death now despawns after 12 in-game hours (24 minutes with default settings)
  • Lowered player tombstone HP so players can easily destroy it if it's in the way
  • YLD-9720 Inconsistent colors of text symbols on scribbled tombstones/signs
  • YLD-9701 Combat music was delayed sometimes
  • YLD-9292 Combat music didn't stop and continued even after relog and respawn
  • YLD-9560 Predator warning music was attached to an avatar after a battle
  • YLD-9669 Fixed sleeping not being usable for some players due to the "Sleeping panel is open for someone else" error being shown when it shouldn't.
  • YLD-9664 You could unlink energy circuits in other player's barrier
  • YLD-9305 You could lose protection benefits from the barrier
  • YLD-9631 When you clicked the random button to generate a new character, other boxes (head, sex and hair) did not change
  • YLD-9630 Couldn't open pirate crate in the game
  • YLD-9463 Mark armor didn't have its own category
  • YLD-9206 Armor bonuses were not properly sorted in the tooltip
  • YLD-9457 Lights on helmets and flashlights didn't turn on when it was dark
  • YLD-9454 You could easily delete your text in notes if you moved your mouse
  • YLD-9423 Compass was not visible on game load
  • YLD-9407 There was a levitating conifer in the Siege scenario
  • YLD-9400 Wrong hint for Decorations section in the inventory
  • YLD-9351 Too many decorations that can't be placed will not be confirmed and no error is displayed
  • YLD-9392 Bamboo ladders were not working
  • YLD-9368 The brick house did not have a floor on the Racing Track
  • YLD-9367 The large cars (Food truck and the other one) did not have driver's seats on the Racing Track
  • YLD-9335 Favourite skins were not persistent
  • YLD-9242 Time trigger triggered at a specific point in time could get into an infinite cycle
  • YLD-9099 Wrong sitting on suitcase sofa
  • YLD-8806 Item instantly landed on the ground when dropped from height
  • YLD-8049 "Carrot nose" item name changed to "Carrot"
  • YLD-7750 Items drop sound when breaking apart tree
  • YLD-5106 Crossbow draw sound starts playing immediately after player shoots
  • YLD-7571 Wrong Czech translation of drive belt
  • YLD-7570 Wrong translation of catapult's LOAD
  • YLD-6869 One stage of charcoal kiln had non-consistent translation to Czech
  • YLD-6633 Objects and Compositions tabs in Editor were not translated
  • YLD-7516 Graphical issues with Siege scenario
  • YLD-5775 Eating and feeding doesn't turn off idle animation
  • YLD-4667 Light producing items shone too much in the inventory
  • YLD-9333 DS Ship couldn't be annihilated even when all parts were destroyed
  • YLD-9548 Editor You couldn't select again some animals with LMB
  • YLD-10413 Editor You can steal ownership of placed object with UNDO/REDO
  • YLD-9399 GUI Holding animation changed when you changed the skin of the item
  • YLD-9484 MP Freezes after picking the items from another player
  • YLD-9618 MP Clients saw active animals' models after they killed them
  • YLD-9047 MP New character broke the game for host when sleeping vote was on
  • YLD-9045 MP Items placed in free placing mode by client teleported to the ground instead of falling
  • YLD-3476 MP A desync could happen when placing a lot of items
  • YLD-1028 MP Missing player list and any information regarding connections and disconnection of players
  • YLD-9384 MP Clients would have to switch an item skin to the default one before changing a premium skin to another one
  • YLD-10418 MP Clients can't move parts of item stacks in their inventory, only the whole stacks
  • MP: Streaming overhaul - new streaming implementation and congestion control strategy should improve MP performance and latency during normal gameplay
  • MP: Network error 2 (Sequence out of range) should no longer occur, the game attempts to recover gracefully and continue instead - though the gameplay may not be ideal if the network connection is not up to the task
  • MP: Resolved some scenarios of commands from the client getting lost before ever being sent to the server (which could result in the server not registering some client actions).


Jun 10 2018, 01:07 am
Zachary Smith
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