Ylands - Private Servers Now Available

Ylands - Become the creator of your own World! Ylands Game Servers now available

Greetings! The exciting news comes as Ylands private servers are back and now available with your favorite game server host, Nitrado! Become the creator of your own world in Ylands. Learn more about the game below, and get started with your own private server today!

Rent your own game server from Nitrado.net starting at $1,30!

Rent your own Ylands Nitrado Server Today!

What is Ylands?

Ylands is a unique sandbox adventure game where your imagination is your only limitation. Ylands allows you to explore your creativity by offering an array of custom items, blocks, and more. It is also a platform for making custom mini-games, ranging from simple scenarios to sophisticated game modes.

Explore the open-polyworld of Ylands, by yourself, or along with your friends on your own Nitrado server. You can gather resources to build ships and sail wherever you desire. Create buildings that tower the landscape below, or make a simple house to take shelter in. Find, use, or craft hundreds of items and objects to help you along the way. Let your adventures run wild. Climb to the highest mountains or descend to darkest depths. In Ylands, there is no end to creativity.

Here is a video for the Steam release of the game:


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