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Order your own Cloud Server now. With a Cloud Server, you can use a full-fledged operating system with all associated features. Choose your setup now and become root!

Cloud Server

The most favorable variant for projects with a lot of planning security.

Cloud Server Dynamic

Full flexibility thanks to a short minimum runtime. The server can be canceled or downgraded for the full residual value at any time.

Number of CPUs

The number of cores can be defined here. If multiple applications shall be installed on the Cloud Server while keeping good performance, it is recommended to use multiple cores. In most cases, you should use at least two cores.

Main Memory (RAM)

The main memory is an important component when configuring your Cloud Server. Choose the best size for best speed!

SSD Storage

Disk size can be chosen here. The storage is available as root partition directly after the installation. The disk size cannot be reduced later.

Ultra Speed Traffic

Your Cloud Server's included 1 Gbit/s Ultra Speed data volume per calendar month. If this limit is exceeded, the connection will be limited to a 100 MBit/s traffic flat rate. There are no automatic additional costs when reaching this limit.

Pick your Image (Operating System)

The operating system can be picked here. Linux-based operating systems are free, Microsoft Windows comes with additional cost.

Hosting location

Germany, Frankfurt

Advance payment

Cloud Server
for 30 Days
for a price of 4,00