System Administrator (m/f/d)

We are looking for a full-time system administrator to support our international development team.

System Administrator (m/f/d)

We are looking for a full-time system administrator to support our international development team.

About us

Marbis GmbH’s brand "Nitrado", is a leading global game server hosting company with many Tier 3 data-center locations worldwide including, Frankfurt Germany, London United Kingdom, New York/Miami/Los Angeles USA, Sydney Australia, Singapore and Moscow Russia.

All our core components are developed in-house by our development team. The software we write is used by tens of thousands of users daily. These users are both end users who rent services privately and business partners who include game developers of all sizes.

For us it is not necessarily important how you look on paper. Our developers come from a variety of backgrounds, including computer science studies, trained IT specialists, career changers and trainees. They work side by side and at eye level with each other. We see it as one of our great strengths that we have a versatile team and are therefore able to approach problems from the most diverse perspectives and angles.

Therefore, you will not find any required qualifications to work with us. What is important to us is what you can contribute to the team - not how you acquired your knowledge.

What can you expect? – This is what we bring to the table

A powerful, young team with colleagues who share your enthusiasm. We value constructive feedback, communication and an excellent team culture. Your opinion counts!

Modern infrastructure and tooling

Consistent configuration management and automation - for example with Ansible and Kubernetes - are a given of course. But this does not mean that we jump on every hype train: Our focus is on solid system design and security.

Challenging tasks

We are a company that sees infrastructure as a core competence and not just a cost factor. Another aspect is the B2B side where we work closely together with many big names in the industry.

Exciting "greenfield" projects which need your creativity.

We use our own SDN software to meet our customers' performance requirements. We even count CPU cycles and L3 cache misses!

What we expect - You should have these skills

System administration

  • Experience with the administration of productive systems
  • Experience with Linux and the other tools important for system administration
  • Knowledge of a programming language such as Python or Golang
  • Experience in error analysis and debugging


  • A system as large as ours cannot be managed manually. You should have the ability to recognize recurring tasks and provide input for automation optimization.
  • We also expect the ability and dedication to familiarize yourself with new technologies and topics. We are a flexible team in an industry that is more dynamic than most You will need to evaluate and use new technologies regularly
  • Good English, as well as the willingness to communicate openly and proactively. Our company language is English - we employ people from many different countries and have a branch office in Reno, Nevada USA.

These skills are a plus:

  • Windows system administration. While our management infrastructure is based entirely on Linux, many of the applications that we run on Windows servers. Instead of classic “Windows skills” like Active Directory, this is about performance analysis, monitoring and automation with PowerShell.
  • Experience in the operation and configuration of game server software.
  • Knowledge of automated monitoring and alerting, as well as the associated tools.
  • Experience in setting up and analyzing enterprise networks (from VLANs to IPsec to BGP).
  • Advanced knowledge of one or more programming languages.

Office locations and remote work

Our headquarters is in Karlsruhe, Germany and we have a subsidiary in Reno, NV USA. We prefer to have a close connection to our team and work together in the same location. However, we also understand that top talent is scattered all over the planet. This means we are open to the possibility of home or remote offices. We trust our team to be efficient wherever they are!


Then we are looking forward to your application here:!