The Nitrado Partner Program

Become part of the Nitrado Family.

The Nitrado Partner Program

Become part of the Nitrado Family.

What is a Nitrado Partnership?

Joining Nitrado's Partnership Program will empower your content creation, allowing you to spin up game servers whenever you want and change them to different games on the fly. You will also have the peace of mind, knowing that Nitrado runs automatic full server backups, to ensure you can roll back to a previous version whenever you want.

All that's required of our partners is the display of our Approved Branding Logo and an affiliate link which we provide you.

Apply for Partnership!
Please, be sure to include links to web pages, content pages, and social media channels where possible.

Data protection declaration of consent

Yes, I have read the data protection declaration and agree that the data provided by me may be collected and stored electronically. My data will only be used strictly for the purpose of processing and responding to my request. By sending the request, I agree to this data processing.

Why Nitrado as your Partner?

Game Servers

As a partner, you'll have access to High-End Game Servers, in locations spread across the globe! Our Game Servers offer a game switch feature, which allows you to install up to 5 instances of different games on one Game Server at a time. This means, as you and your community move from game to game, you can switch on the fly, without losing any saves or your server's configuration. You can also come back to previously installed instances at the click of a button.

Technical Support

We know how important it is as a content creator for you to have your server online and live when you need it. We offer a one-on-one technical support system via a Private Discord, so that we can give you Technical Support in an environment you're used to! With over 20 Technical Support Staff on duty in shifts around the clock, 365 days a year, you will never be short of someone that can help you if you're unsure about a setting, need help uploading a Mod, or in the worst situation, help you get a server back online!

Game Keys

Nitrado works with a lot of game developers, often hosting their Official Servers! This means we're able to push their game, help generate views and content by passing along keys to all our Partners. You'll often find that we'll be promoting different games and offering keys to our Partners via our Private Partnership Discord.

Nitrado's Data Centers

Nitrado owns all its hardware. The physical machines are ours. This means we have complete control over what we offer our Partners. Spread out in data centers across the globe, we're able to get you the best latency for your location!


Nitrado offers customized DDoS protection, a self-developed defense against players and spectators with evil intentions. With Nitrado, you don't have to worry about sharing the IP address of your server with your community!

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