ECC RAM with automatic error correction keeps our servers stable during even the most intensive processes

2x GBit LAN for high bandwidth

Bleeding-edge CPUs keep our servers lightning fast

Reliable power supplies keep our servers up and running 24/7

Our servers all have SSDs for better performance

Highly efficient cooling system keeps our components cool and increases reliability

Nitrado exclusively uses server components like Intel Xeon or AMD Opteron CPUs as well as special server SSDs, ECC RAM, power supplies, 19" cases and other hardware specifically made for servers. These components are more expensive compared to standard consumer parts, but are much more reliable and faster.


To create a backup we developed our own software that does daily backups. You can easily restore a backup via the web interface on demand within seconds.

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ESL premium certified game servers are ESL certified, and therefore, the first choice for ESL clan wars.