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  • F4M1N3 Hello and welcome to ARKadia! Join our teamspeak for more information about the server and community! [ts37.gameservers.com:9249] We hope you enjoy the server please be courteous to other players. Message admins (F4M1N3 or Cope) with any questions or conce

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    Welcome To ARKadia!
    We are a fun, easy going community with mild boosts to breeding/egg hatch/ maturation as well as boosts to resorces and a max wild level of 180.
    We currently run just a few tasteful mods:
    Automated Ark
    Platforms Plus
    Bitou2k's Binoculars
    Armored Storage Stands
    Swim Clear Scuba Mask
    Starter Kit
    Awesome Teleporters
    Element Factory
    Metal Cages Mod
    Structures Plus
    Ammo Pools
    Resource Stacks
    Egg N Poop Collector/incubator
    Dino Tracker

    As you can see from our mods list we are focused on ease of play and minimum time consumption
    as we know not everyone has twelve days to hatch and mature a giga!
    We are currently working on community games like dino race, maze, raffle, and arena that will all

    yield substantial rewards to the winners. We have active friendly admins and we are always open to suggestions with the server.

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