• Muaddid empyrion
    eenhoorn i need a admin asapplease
    eenhoorn admin on?
    DerBauerShowsYou ADMIN!?!?!
    DerBauerShowsYou can somebody pls ban this hacker!?!!!
    Tauron1978 what is your problem or is it solved?
    Tauron1978 Haraf?
    nevadakid Its time in Conan Excile option whitelist, (so ash in ark)
    Deepen93 i cant get my Server up and running... it keep saying its restarting... and the ticket thing is taking way to long
    Haraf Can anybody help me with my new "The Forest" server
    Haraf Guys?
    Priss dont even play that
    Priss i think I bought a battlegrounds server instead of ARK one by mistake lol
    jeffrey429 i buy a server ant i get nothing
    mensajero24 PLAYER 4 LIFE
    evildonut ark severs NYC STILL DOWN BEEN 5 DAYS NO RESPONSE
    DreadCrusader Anyone know how long is Preordered mean server wise?
    GoodwinGaming trying to gety it to display in the unoffcial listing
    GoodwinGaming im working on one atm
    LethalDraven Anyone have an ark server xbox 1?
    Dnewetter hallo
    optimusprimein I want to rent a cloud VPS server for BF4
    DerBauerShowsYou Hacker online, auf solchen Servern macht es absolut keinen spaß zu spielen!
    fisheye and the hacker is back, what a shitty server admin
    fisheye Get a damn admin online, there is a aimbotter on the server
    Getahinsh_Producitions What is the update?
    arjan2004 NOTE: All ark servers are down for the next 5 hours cause the ragnarok update
    mcloutier87 my ark server is up.
    Kacpereq Warto?
    militaryk I can't add credit to my account
    coddeh srgtphil87
    allen5877 my ark server is down aswell
    silviok23 I can't buy credit on my account.
    syspeople [MtR] Swiss Cheese 1200Tickets | 45Hz
    Homi1234 Frei für alle
    Yujin what's up?
    Domme20 Bloody Angels
    aknapp16 are the ark servers down
    xXAss4sinXx ps4 beste jungs :)
    ziad68 scheint wohl, als wären diese battleground server unmoderiert und haben die scripte die beworben werden nicht aktiv

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