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  • LethalDraven Anyone have an ark server xbox 1?
    Dnewetter hallo
    optimusprimein I want to rent a cloud VPS server for BF4
    DerBauerShowsYou Hacker online, auf solchen Servern macht es absolut keinen spaß zu spielen!
    fisheye and the hacker is back, what a shitty server admin
    fisheye Get a damn admin online, there is a aimbotter on the server
    Getahinsh_Producitions What is the update?
    arjan2004 NOTE: All ark servers are down for the next 5 hours cause the ragnarok update
    mcloutier87 my ark server is up.
    Kacpereq Warto?
    militaryk I can't add credit to my account
    coddeh srgtphil87
    allen5877 my ark server is down aswell
    silviok23 I can't buy credit on my account.
    syspeople [MtR] Swiss Cheese 1200Tickets | 45Hz
    Homi1234 Frei für alle
    Yujin what's up?
    Domme20 Bloody Angels
    aknapp16 are the ark servers down
    xXAss4sinXx ps4 beste jungs :)
    ziad68 scheint wohl, als wären diese battleground server unmoderiert und haben die scripte die beworben werden nicht aktiv
    yajyaj1234 i byd a game but how can i play
    yajyaj1234 can somebody help me
    Cadillac Jo, hat jemand 'nen Plan wo ich 'nen Battlefield Server mieten kann?
    daven000 jemand 3 euro in paysafe für mich :D
    fotisnikolas how can i take the ip for my server?/
    Baba_Lp huhu
    Zattox hii
    supipolo1 wen ich darf fragen
    supipolo1 wtf das ist mein server auf was ist er gestelt
    zaraleck I hate niggers
    RANDOLPH how in the world do you make a ARK server
    JOEKER guys i can't upload plugin
    JOEKER hi all
    Buntlack hi wie mach man server on

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