18817.Cross Realm Rebellions Builders Paradise Sanctuary Server

The server is in standby-mode and must be reactivated by the servers owner
  • Welcome to our New Cross Realm Rebellion Builders Paradise Sanctuary Server! Opened 4/30/2017 ! This server is meant for those who enjoy building , playing on the island, love building & base customization mods, and like a few additional creatures to spice of your Ark life!

    We are a public server but we are the home of the Cross Realm Rebellion Gaming Group that hosts the Rated Ark : Ark Survival Evolved Podcast. You can join the gaming group & listen to our podcast at www.ratedark.com

    This Server is on the island map. We have no intentions of wiping this map. Please keep in mind that this is a heavily modded map , with continuously updated mods, layered on top of an unfinished game.
    If you would like a more vanilla Ark experience, then i recommend playing on an official Ark Server.

    We are a 15x server. We have many other Ark servers hosted by our gaming group. You can find more info about CRR & the games we play at https://www.CrossRealmRebellion.com
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