8.ENDGAME | EG2 LIVONIA (discord.gg/endgame-dayz)

  • Thekingthatfell Can I join ?
    Mrs_jellytotzz Can't recommend this server enough I love it
    VadimDunne Best server going
    James_deeming69 Great server
    ilpazzo07 Nice server
    Hellfroze84 Really good server fun events and good admin
    Jilltingvold awsome server :)
    Ya_boi_echo Great server great community great players!!
    SamWaters10 Such a good server, best one I’ve played on PS4.
    Turbo_g Great server so much fun love it 😍
    Sctrade007 Sever is gets full sometimes but it’s worth the wait. The server runs well
    H20_AXW Very well run server
    SkitzDruggo Class server
    Hotshot999 Best ps4 server by far
    NotPig Best server by NotPig_
    Dynob81 Best server i've played
    KingFalcon17 Definately best console server at the moment!
    BibiKillersZ Awesome serv , with reactiv admin and a perfect balance of everything !
    Endre try out ENDGAME best server ever
    862 LASHGOOO
    martyn1989 Best sever ever
    Berglyyy Endgame is number one, great server!
    Kevinnn42000 Endgames servers are the best no other servers come close
    BigJosh1 Best server out there that I’ve played in a long time
    SilentGhost354 Best server out there
    Bigsanka Best server i have played 100% number 1
    Anzalot Great server
    LA_Project43 It’s an all around great server
    OLDSKOOL_NLD Number 1 server
    Chewy88 Insanely well run server. Top notch
    zephyrparadox Most active and supported PS4 DayZ server. Doesn't get better than this.
    cHaMp_oF_cHaMp ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Best server
    dynamic_tony Best server i ever played, we all know playstation dayz is bad but this ssrver is closest to pc i,good job dhl and reeper
    Aj_uk29 Best sever
    Carmstrong1998 Great owners and admin, awesome server
    Franki1304 the best server with the best administrators
    Theawesomebanan Awesome 👌
    dragey1985 Great server, great community…. Excellent pvp
    kipa Best server out there without a doubt
    DaniMarques98 I love this server
    Malaguita1992 the best server and with more people of dayz
    GeorgieeBoyy12 One of the best servers I’ve ever played
    reganbanter9 Great community great server
    SEANOG1988 Great server great community
    Skanz Brilliantly run server great community. Play your way come join the fun
    Deemboy1985 The best livonia server iv ever been on brilliant community and best admin team out there.
    zlMxguee The best server
    Reeceyfou Great community💯!

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