20.TDZE {The Dayz Experience}RP https://discord.gg/UeRTCBC

Players 32 / 66
4.8 (18)

  • BlackRavenBandits Got banned for no apparent reason such a great server not
    Subtiley Best server on PlayStation hands down
    Jpeaston477 Admins only out for their friends. They don't even hide it. Don't wast your time. It won't be around long.
    I3E4N Best rp server psn
    DEATHSQUADGHOST one of the best faction rp server out there xD im allow to say so cause im the Owner.
    Raider7751 Such a good server
    Tb543 Good server
    Hooksmaniac2 I like the server allot it is pretty amazing it is also very fun
    hazbow1 great server love it and have fun on iy
    Originalchaman33 Great server people are amazing it's an actual community and great team behind the wheel. I would recommend to anyone looking for a community experience to join !
    jlewis701 Love this server
    SRGRIGHTEOUS361 Great server!!!!!!
    GRIZZLYKILLER27 I really love this server
    Chublife I love this server have a lot of fun on
    PERPM3RK great server unbelievable experience
    Christiand1299 I have some much fun so many new things happen all the and the greatest thing is make new friends and meeting ppl all over the world
    GeoffProkop The best DayZ RP server I've played on to date. The mods are very helpful and the rule structure is very intuitive. Here's to many many more hours on this great server.
    AxiomOscillator Spent many hours on here, made tons of good friends, always things going on and it’s very fun!
    Slicksuspect Spent weeks on this sever and I absolutely love it and will continue playing!!

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