• PrivateCOCHIE420 Amazing server and Friendly Admin team also the community is amazing
    Specialsurge84 This server is amazing. Just joined and there's nothing like it. The Admin team is active and friendly. The server provides events and there's always pvp. Or if you looking to chill and meet people their is a SZ to hangout a meet awesome people
    BONNIE94 been apart of this community since the beginning great admin team great community
    LokiNeedsGlasses The best server I've found in a long time. Great fit for all play styles. Keep up the great work!!
    Gavinmemes Great server for all types of players, PVP is forward and can never get enough of it. Admin team is very helpful and responsive. Been in the server for 8 months and there’s a reason I haven’t left yet!
    Jats Best server I've ever played on we really do need this ram would very much help
    STL__COWBOY Such an amazing sever. If your looking for a true good dayz experience then join this one. The admins are nice an fair. You never go unheard. It’s a lot of great pvp an the loot cycles are perfect. It’s not to much, it’s just perfect.A lot of amazing fight
    ChEzglee Amazing server and amazing admins who are nice and friendly and also fair they aren’t toxic like most admins on other servers which makes this server my favorite to play on
    Higgins_2o1o Amazing server 1 of the best i have played great people and owner
    MrBuckets21 From intense Pvp fights to boxing fights in the sz boxing ring. This server has it all. Ps. Don't mess with red faction 😉
    spookypitboss Awesome server, with awesome people. The admin/mod team is super helpful and responsive. Nicely balanced loot, intense pvp, and and a lot of cool people. I assure you, the baked beans and peaches just taste better on this server.
    Wolthound17 Whether you're a beginner or a pro gammer this is the sever for you you
    Jakec722_DELETED_1 Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned vet, this is the best server you'll find for faction-based, PVP, and interaction. From the safezone, trader, pubs, and slightly boosted loot, this server is great for anyone who wants a wholesome DayZ experience!
    Haunted_BBQ Awesome server for newbies and veterans alike. Admins are helpful, knowledgeable, and responsive. Very active community with special events, and enforced safe zone with a trader. Great balance of loot. Highly recommend!
    SRGservers Fanstatic server, runs stably. Not over-modded but balanced just perfect with room for quality of life tweaks, and a dedicated server staff that are very polite. Definitely worth a look.

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