6522.PVE CO-OP ROLEPLAY https://discord.gg/EwV3UwrH

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    OCELOT66 I am very approachable as a Server Admin. Please consider joining the Community via Discord. The link is in the server name.
    OCELOT66 Upon joining, please change your player name within DayZ to be something more than "Survivor"
    OCELOT66 I will also be adding more weapons.
    OCELOT66 I don't want the initial survival experience for new players to be such a chore, as I assume that these characters have lived for some time already.
    OCELOT66 Some new players have joined from China, and Malaysia. Building the server up with new mods for medical and a trader system is in the works., as well as static camps for new players to get a better start, along with more default starting gear,.
    OCELOT66 New Server, setting things up this week, 22-29 September, 2020

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