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4.6 (27)

  • Keenii_ZA Best DayZ server we've played, feels like home
    jordy94123 My guy Emoral is the best admin around. Awesome server, amazing community and strict rules that keep the server clean!
    Draveeeeeen Clearly one of the best server. I highly recommend it!
    Morrison9865 Best server for DayZ on PS4, professional admin team who can help with anything and good loot spawn on the server itself are just a few things that make the server amazing..
    juliusfromgermany best server, best community, dayz at it's best!
    F3HC_3L Leeeeeee
    arie0987 Great server to play on. Lots of different people and encounters. Admin suport is great and really helpfull.
    C4san0va Very good server, really helpful admins only server I’ve played on and don’t feel the need to play a other one
    PepsioverCoke Thanks guys for brilliant server A*
    JasonDeruloooo Great admins, very smooth server cheers
    GingerWilliam Great server highly recommend!
    CricandGarethThomas Great server, myself and Gareth joined a while back and haven't looked back since. We was previously mocked for camping bushes all day but on this server everyone is open minded and is very friendly.
    abithazey Absolutely horrible. I donated 20 whole Great British Pounds so I could receive a gif (an appalling one at that), a discord emote and priority queueing. I'm still attempting to make contact with his lawyer. Joking I love the server (except eMoRal).
    Captain_Pidge Great server ran by a great bunch of guys. Always busy so perfect for PVP. It’s completely ruined my social life!
    BLADEs56 Great server always full. Admin always there to help.
    VodkaCupcakesxx Amazing server! If you enjoy being in a faction with base raiding and PvP this is the place to be. Continuous enjoyment! CRIC ON GANGS
    Bennyboo456 Would recommend been playing for months and the best server I’ve ever played. Great and fair admins and great rules to keep the game fun
    AprilIncognito Fun server to play on, Admins are top notch!!
    LittleD_04 Great server! Admins are always around in the day to help sort problems etc, would highly recommend the server to anyone!
    Djerrsmaal Love the server, fun community and good admins,
    iWiillz Amazing Server. Amazing Admin team. Best on PS4/5. Events are always fun.
    Shandawgg Been on this server for few months now and it’s the best one I’ve played on! GG’s in the chat for this server
    Weezn94 Great Server! Great Admin!
    eMoRaL https://discord.gg/yzTBdbr
    CallCenterStee Best server on Playstation. Really good community. Admins are great. I love to DJ at ATC so if you join come and listen to some sick beats
    ThatLewis Best server for PS
    Hippo1989Ac Best Ps server hands down . Keep up the good work . CCS
    Kirandayz Would recommend great admin/server.

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