18592.ABNORMAL GAMING 24/7 Purge Weekend server

Players 20 / 64
4.0 (4)
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  • 171 Days
    Welcome to the Abnormal Gaming Server page!

    Please donate so we can increase player count!

    Server Rules:
    - NO passive killing during non purge periods! (make sure your dinos are on passive, neutrals can be killed)
    - NO griefing; griefing is when you make the game un-enjoyabable for someone. An example would be caging someone in a non raid situation.
    - NO Racism in chat, community or any other Abnormal Gaming channels.
    -NO MAJOR resource blocking, this means caves, drops and even the wyvern trench.
    - PvP is allowed, trolling is allowed and raiding is allowed. Server has reduced structure damage during non purge times to make raiding very expensive but still manageable.
    - Purge weekend schedules will be announced in community and Message Of The Day. Structure damage will be set to normal for these event.
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