5.!AFTERMATH? OFFICIAL (https://discord.gg/dayzaftermath)

Players 28 / 64
4.8 (41)

  • DaHammer2381 Great server with awesome admins. This server runs smooth and is good for PVP/PVE players.
    Patience7 Very good PvP experience and very caring admins. This community server is amazing and active!
    Tribe28 First community server since official, loving the switch trader gives a purpose. Not to mention the events and factions. Action everywhere just shoot your gun someone will show up...
    DeSoL8uKjunior Awesome server and even better community great admins also
    Fe4rFourEyes Great server and an awesome community
    Kolbybarry20 This server is amazing and has great community of non toxic players but be careful because you enter with the best pvp players around
    GRCO Best server on ps4/ps5
    Niqqalou I love this server. Best one if seen so far
    VxsTM Great server
    Halesy91 First server I played when making the jump to PlayStation I’ve played Dayz on pc Xbox and now PlayStation, the admin team are second to none they help you with everything, amazing server I wouldn’t recommend anything else
    Nightmaremob Great server really good community and the admin team do a amazing job would recommend this server as a forever home
    Virus_45 Great Server with a dedicated staff, very active and always trying to improve the game and make things fun
    TheAnzi Great server with a fantastic community that are great fun to play with: admins are very reliable and responsive to certain situations that get brought in in discord and game great team overall
    OrangeWhip Good server very active, lots of fun 👍
    Carmstrong1998 Awesome Server!!!! Best admins and Awesome coding. Def Recommend
    Krrrack Great server and great admins. Especially lunix and you_thought. Maybe Markky 🤣
    Hillbilly574 Admins are active and friendly and good loot
    kgarcia17 Great server staff are friendly and helpful loot is good
    MikeemthreeM3 Denim shorts are better than BDU
    INVICTIS1 Only started playing on here recently and its a blast nice admins and fair raid weekends
    Cianod123 Great server would recommend it
    G4MER91 Very new to the game but it’s class always on edge
    Mattymustachio Fun server that is very active and well managed.
    slurpeedurp16 Awesome server with new experiences in every direction, highly recommended for solo or group style players! Great community and active admins all the time!
    Smart1dies5 Lunix is cracked at fortnite
    Sir_chuckles101 Great for solos and big groups not much lag at all always action somewhere
    Spicey_CEX Good sever active admins and players.
    Evil_ej8 Best sever fair admins the community is fun alot of pvp whatever your looking for its here factions going at it just a lot of fun join you wont be disappointed.
    xXFatalBooeyXx Very good server and admins nice balance of loot would definitely recommend u all try this sever if u looking for new home or just some fun
    Armypunk123 Only Server, that's action packed with the best community with great atmosphere, rich in pvp and high pop. highly recommended server. Lunix25 Great server, best community and very interactive admins, always something to do and events are always popping, highl
    FullyLoadedRick Great Server, best community with great atmosphere, rich in pvp and high pop. highly recommended server.
    Lunix25 Great server, best community and very interactive admins, always something to do and events are always popping, highly recomend
    DivinityShock The community is very good and the mods are amazing. Amazing PvP and other things you are looking forward too
    vNathanJ Easily one of the best community servers out there. Admins are great and quick to respond to any enquiries. Very easy to have a laugh on the discord server, the server is filled with action, there’s plenty of opportunities to pvp. Highly recommend!
    SteAstrx Really good server to play on, good people good team of staff I greatly recommend!
    Aidanmc101 Best server yet great administration and great at responding overall 10/10
    AtomicZarge Great server with admirable admins that do any and everything for this server to be as good as possible for the players. Highly recommended server
    LittleD_04 Great server and a great atmosphere, would highly recommend if your looking for a whitelisted server with lots of PvP!
    Gardevoid Great server, friendly admins and community, great loot economy, well managed events and fair staff decisions.
    AfterMathDayz Be sure to join our Discord so that you can get in contact and get whitelisted on our server! https://discord.gg/h2xYyZMKuj
    Daggos Great server and community. Balanced loot, trading, frequesnt events, factions, it has it all. Highly recommended.
    Cano1818 This server is so fun easy to survive pvp everywhere definitely one of my favorite so far
    Cano1818 VSP_GalaxyLies
    Kingslayer5705jb I love this server its the best I have ever played
    Iworbz Best server I’ve played to date, amazing friendly admins who care, excellent loot economy, great events and top class community, don’t be fooled by other lesser imitation servers this one is the best 👍👍
    JamieeeG Very good server , admins are fair and want everyone to have a good time , ..well worth giving this server a try
    SHOMOFAMILY Really good server an getting better
    Ffj Great server
    QueenSqueak Fantastic friendly server, great PVP and events, admins are always there to help
    TMarkkyZ Hands down, best server I’ve been in a while. Active admins (Who are unbiased and always there to help), active traders, and events. Best server ever

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