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  • Andromeda

    is a free to play, multiplayer role play environment of the Game 'Empyrion Galactic Survival' whith focus on the survival part of the game.

    You are a single survivor of a space ship crash. This space ship was sent out to colonize a new earth like world. May be you will find others from earlier expeditions.

    On this planet there is nothing which makes your life easy. You can't spawn blueprints, you can't buy ore or ships. You really have to build everything you need for life from scratch.

    Are you ready to survive and build up a new civilization?

    This server is up and online from Sept. 2018 on. Feel free to join! You are welcome!

    Teamspeak: ts44.nitrado.net:11150 - Query port: 10011

    Rules: There are no rules!
  • 25 Days
    Server started
    Server started on 24th September 2018. Still password protected. Please ask in teamspeak for the password if you want to join.
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