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  • Welcome to the GamingNow Last Oasis server!

    This server does allow PVP, however, the overriding rule that all Nomad's must follow is: don't be a jerk. This means while you may attack other nomads, griefing, harassing, KOSing, zerging and other generally poor behaviour is not allowed.

    Due to the limited logging capabilities available to us, in order to report nomads breaking the rules, you will need video footage of the incident, including at least 5 minutes of footage before the incident. Therefore, if you're experiencing bad conduct, we recommend you run a screen capture of your gameplay using free tools such as XSplit Broadcaster or OBS.

    Please contact http://gamingnow.net/support with any issues.
  • 116 Days
    Patch 1.2.29838 released
    Although the Last Oasis developers have released a patch, it has not yet been deployed to Community Servers. Players who have updated their clients will not be able to connect to this server until it has been updated by Nitrado.

    Patch Notes

    - Limited deployed Proxy Walkers to one per oasis per clan.
    - Made claim timer not pause when oasis is contested with other Proxies.
    - Made enemy Proxies get destroyed when someone wins an oasis.
    - Made Proxies always shared with the clan.
    - Allowed favorited walkers without legs to autotravel on burn.
    - Made Ancient Crafting Site always spawn on hard maps.
    - Added ability to manage server bans.
    - Fixed claim timer getting stuck at 59:59.
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