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  • kuoshu We are going PVP soon. No attacking El Pollo Diablo tribe or members, this is the admin tribe and will contain PVE players as well as Admins.
    kuoshu Server has been restarted.
    kuoshu I've also modified the engram point overrides, hopefully this does not affect anyone negatively. I have extended the overrides a bit further resulting in more end game points and I've tweaked the per level gain to be a little more smooth.
    kuoshu I've made some adjustments to the XP settings, some items will give a little more XP than before, some will give a little less. I'm hoping that leveling slows a bit, but does not seem grindy.
    kuoshu I love this server, but it could be more balanced.

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  • We are looking to create a community driven "Dinotopia". No major increases, all well under 10x. Stats gains and engram point gains buffed since we want our play to feel little less "grindy". We will be moving to Aberration some time after it releases, so please be aware that things will change.
    The following rules must be followed, no exceptions. I'll speak to you once and if you continue you will be kicked, banned and blocked.
    1) No sexual harassment.
    2) No racism*, sexism*, hate speech* or discrimination of any kind is acceptable.
    3) Maturity is expected. I have no issue with kids joining as long as they act maturely. My kids will be joining. I will kick anyone that annoys adult gamers (my kids included).
    4) Tone down the swearing, you don't sound cool, you sound ignorant. (Again, kids, and I repeat... Ignorant.)
    5) Be respectful of people, their hard work, and their mistakes.

    If you see a * next to the rule, understand that you may not be given a warning.
    Other than that, feel free to play and enjoy!
    Kuoshu (aka Saint)
1929. 1931.
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